ZAGG Rugged Book Case Durable Hinged with Detachable Backlit Keyboard for iPad Air 2 – Black (ID6RGK-BB0)


The ZAGG Rugged Book wireless Bluetooth keyboard features tough polycarbonate and soft silicone that deliver unmatched protection. Engineered with a hidden stainless steel sheet for added protection, the Rugged Book is designed to deflect impact damage away from your iPad Air and keep it looking as new as the day you got it, no matter where your adventures take you. A unique, magnetic hinge secures your iPad at virtually any angle and converts into four multifunction modes while a lithium polymer battery provides up to two years of typing between charges.

Product Features

  • Ultimate Durability: A multi-layered, removable case deflects impact energy to keep your iPad safe no matter where it goes.
  • Keyboard Mode offers backlit keys and the largest typing area for fast, accurate typing.
  • Video Mode holds your iPad securely at virtually any viewing angle.
  • Case Mode protects your iPad and allows you to quickly separate it from the keyboard.
  • Book Mode helps protect your iPad while making reading easy.
  • Two-Year Battery: A powerful lithium polymer battery powers the Rugged Book for up to two years between charges.
  • Bright and Easy: Backlit keys in customizable colors add style to your keyboard and makes typing in low-light situations a breeze.

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  1. The most robust keyboard case out there! I ordered the Rugged Folio for iPad Air as soon as it became available for purchase. I have researched all the options out there for bluetooth keyboards and this one is the most robust option. Many other keyboard cases are either flimsy or their functionality is limited. For example, other folio type cases only have one way to use the iPad; in landscape mode. Yes, some flip 360 degrees so that the keyboard half is flush against the back of the iPad, but that leaves the keys exposed leading to…

  2. Everything you want in a keyboard, but it’s not an Otter or Lifeproof (it’s almost there) I love this keyboard! I have been wanting to get one ever since I got my iPad Air. I have also waited impatiently for it to be released so that I can finally have security in my Air. I have tried other keyboards in the past, but this one is simply the best. Here are my pros and cons.-ProsSturdy keyboard and case with rugged design and gripRemovable hinge that is connected by a magnet (magnets last a really long time and are better than plastic if strong enough, this is…

  3. THE ONLY CHOICE FOR THOSE LOOKING FOR A KEYBOARD THAT DOESNT HINDER THE CAPABILITIES OF AN IPAD MINI RETINA! THE BEST INVESTMENT As soon as Zagg began marketing this item i was filled with excitement. Finally a bluetooth keyboard that is rugged, and alows protection for the ipad mini retina as well as reading mode. ( ipad mini can be detached from keyboard screen faced down like laptop or screen faced up like normal usagebut with keyboard facing its back). Ive literally have purchased and tried all the others keyboard cases for my mini retina and all others have either felt too flimsy, or didnt feel solid enough to…