ZAGG PROfolio+ Ultrathin Case with Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad 2/3/4-Mocha Leather


ZAGG PROfolio+ Ultrathin Case with Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad, Mocha Leather

ZAGG PROfolio Plus Bluetooth Keyboard

Super thin and light design allows you to take the ZAGG PROfolio+ anywhere.
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Enjoy Fast, Comfortable Typing Everywhere You Take Your Work and Play

The ZAGG PROfolio+ offers a complete mobile experience for your iPad. Built for travel, it features an ultrathin, lightweight design with patented keyboard technology. The PROfolio+ features backlit keys with seven interchangeable colors that can be adjusted for brightness and power management. Island-style keys provide maximum spacing in a compact Bluetooth keyboard for an authentic, relaxed feel. The ZAGG PROfolio+ closes tightly to protect your iPad against scratches, dings, and dents, and keeps it looking great. Cleverly placed magnets activate the iPad’s sleep/wake function to help preserve battery life while you’re on the go.

Thin and Light

At only 0.82 inches when closed, and weighing a mere 16 ounces, the ZAGG PROfolio+ is easy to slip in a briefcase or purse and take with you. It’s so small you’ll hardly know it’s there until you begin enjoying its awesome typing experience.

The Industry Standard for Tablet Keyboards

ZAGG is the industry standard in wireless Bluetooth keyboards. They deliver innovations that are your best fit for your mobile life.

ZAGG PROfolio Plus Bluetooth Keyboard

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Big and Bright

Spacious, island-style keys maximize space so you can type faster and more accurately, just like a traditional laptop. Bright, backlit keys, that are available in seven interchangeable colors, make typing in low-light environments a breeze.

ZAGG PROfolio Plus Bluetooth Keyboard

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The Traveler’s Delight

Specific shortcut keys operate essential functions from the convenience of your keyboard while a leather-textured cover ensures your iPad will stay safe on all your travels. A powerful magnetic closure secures your iPad to the PROfolio+ so it’s well protected on the go.

ZAGG PROfolio Plus Bluetooth Keyboard

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Long Lasting Battery

The PROfolio+ Bluetooth keyboard uses a rechargeable lithium polymer battery which will last several months of regular use between charges. Regular use is estimated at two hours a day. Using the backlit feature will impact battery life and may require more frequent charging.

ZAGG PROfolio Plus Bluetooth Keyboard

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What’s in the Box

Package includes one PROfolio+ keyboard, one USB to micro USB charging cable, and a user’s manual.

Product Features

  • The ZAGGkeys Portfolio+ offers a backlit keyboard with 7 color choices for the background lights
  • Island style keys are engineered with maximum typing room for fast and accurate typing
  • A magnetic closure secures your iPad 2/3/4 to the ZAGGkeys Portfolio+
  • Special function keys operate the most essential features directly from the keyboard
  • A patent pending stand holds your iPad at an optimal viewing angle
  • Uses a 510 mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery that will last several weeks with normal use
  • Light weight and Ultra Thin
  • Authentic ZAGG products and warrantees on ZAGG products are only available from ZAGG Authorized resellers

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  1. Excelent Keyboard — Case stinks. The keyboard it’s self is very nice. Has a good touch. I’ve used it in a dark room, and I felt that the back lighting was not very useful. More light shines from under the keys than through the keys so its hard to see the letter unless you’re looking straight down on the keyboard.Case wise. I am very disapointed. First the case is loose, there is no latch or anything to hold it together when it’s closed. So the top and bottom can slip as far as a quarter of an inch which doesn’t…

  2. The essential iPad companion I’ve been looking for a long time for a good solution to be more productive with my iPad. The on-screen keyboard is alright but you can’t work on that for any extended time. Then it seems that most solutions are either hideous, bulky or just not portable. This, however, is perfect. It protects the ipad. The keyboard is really thin. It definitely adds to the weight but that’s a given. The keyboard is very comfortable and the keys respond very well. You get used to the special keys very…

  3. Beauty,Brains and Muscle. This product is a combination of beauty, brains and muscle.Beauty.The look is very attractive.The backlit keyboards have 7 different light colors. I like the indigo.The packaging is attractive as the product.This is one package I stored away.Brains.Very intuitive design.Very comfortable, placed on the laps.Can type easily with one or both hands.The keys are well sized and spaced.When the lid is closed the iPad turns off and…