ZAGG PRO Bluetooth Keyboard for Apple iPad 2/3/4-Aluminum


The ZAGGkeys PRO for Apple iPad 3/4 Gen is a light-weight, ultra-thin Bluetooth keyboard accessory that eliminates the delays in touchscreen typing and provides a more natural typing experience. The durable aluminum construction and compact design offers both device protection and a convenient stand. The ZAGGkeys Pro utilizes an inspired magnetic closure to secure the iPad in place.

Product Features

  • Ultra-thin aluminum design complements the shape and finish of the Apple iPad
  • Island style keys are engineered with maximum typing room for fast and accurate typing
  • A magnetic closure secures your iPad 3/4 Gen to the ZAGGkeys PRO
  • Special function keys operate the most essential features directly from the keyboard
  • A patent pending stand holds your iPad at an optimal viewing angle

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  1. A sleek, terrific addition to my iPad 2 I purchased the ZAGGkeys PRO case for my iPad 2 about four months ago, at the sale price of $65 and change approximately. It arrived quickly through Amazon Prime and I was able to connect my iPad 2 via Bluetooth immediately right out of the box. My initial impression was very positive: the product is sleek and rounded, and appears to sport the same metallic finish as the back surface of my iPad 2. I also own a Macbook Pro with an external Apple wireless bluetooth keyboard, and in terms of use…

  2. Hooray! I don’t hate my iPad anymore!!! First off, let me say I’m a bit old school and don’t care for touch screen keyboards (nor for Apple products; the iPad is my first one). I bought an iPad mainly for reading and the ability to use both the Kindle and Barnes & Noble app. With that being said, I quickly found myself using the iPad for other things besides e-reading, but being frustrated by the yuckiness of touch screen typing. Even turning it sideways I was a complete failure at it. A co-worker had one of these ZAGG keyboards for…