Wacom ACK20601 Bamboo Stylus Replacement Nibs 6mm, Firm For 1st Generation Pens


These firm replacement nibs easily attach to your Bamboo Stylus. Compatible with Bamboo Stylus models – Old Solo, Old Duo, and Pocket only.

Product Features

  • User replaceable
  • Works with Bamboo Stylus models – Old Solo (CS100K), Old Duo (CS110K), Pocket (CS200S) and Alpha (CS130K and CS130W)
  • Each package includes three nibs.

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  1. Better for Firm Writers You have to press harder on the firm nibs to get the iPad to register, and that creates more friction. I thought I would just be able to lightly touch the screen like I do with my finger, but that is not the case. I am not sure if it has something to do with surface area or something else in the stylus. It makes the capacitive touch screen feel more like a resistive touch screen. It’s probably better for firm writers, but it is worse for swiping and everyday activities. Maybe the firm nib will…

  2. Finally, a Real Pen-like Stylus Nib! I was beginning to think there was no way to get a stylus for writing and drawing on my iPad that had a nib which was more pen-like in the way it writes. The firmness of these nibs makes writing easy, actually looks like my real handwriting, not like the resulting scribble when I sign on the card swiper at the grocery store.I also design jewelry and clothing (not professionally…yet) and find this firm nib allows me to do a more realistic sketch when an idea comes to me…