VIMVIP 3 in 1 Card Reader Camera Connection Kit for iPad Air 2 iPad mini 3 iPad Air,Support iOS 8 Newest iPad System


VIMVIP 3 in 1 Card Reader Camera Connection Kit for iPad Air 2-Support iOS 8


Note that if the reader into place when inserted into the card reader, it says “accessory not supported” or does not respond, the general position is not inserted into the card reader plugs cause, sometimes blocking the reader due holster IPAD .

Under the photo files must be saved in SD card or U disk “DCIM” directory, this directory is a standard directory camera format files to other directories, IPAD can not be read directly.

This section reader, regardless of whether the jailbreak ipad, can be used, you can use third-party software ifile jailbreak before using ifile Please ensure that the reader can successfully read the photo, if reading the photo, but not ifile open the USB or SD device, this is set up and is not installed ifile reason, please re-check ifile related settings.

iPad Camera Connection Kit, connect to any digital camera.

Camera Connection Kit allows you to have two ways to import photos and videos .Camera Connector allows the use of a digital camera’s USB cable to import your photos and videos from a digital camera to the iPad. Or, you can use SD / TF Card Reader to import photos and videos, etc. directly from the camera’s SD card.

Product Features

  • Use ipad photos to import and view photos, support for MC / SD / MMC / Micro SD / M2 memory card, supports standard photo formats, including JPEG and RAW.
  • Support iOS 8.1 Newest iPad System
  • System problem: because of the IPAD output current limiting made, some large power consumption USB devices and SD / MS card will not be available.
  • The picture is the USB port and card reader combo features combine for third-generation products, using high-quality chips, you can connect the camera can also be reader.
  • Package include:1x VIMVIP 3 in 1 Card Reader for iPad Air 2+1x VIMVIP Chain for Gift.

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