Tips and Tricks for the iPad for Seniors (Computer Books for Seniors series)


This book is only suitable for iOS 7. If you have iOS 8 or higher on your iPad, please see the book Tips and Tricks for the iPad with iOS 8 and higher for SENIORS with ISBN 9789059053908.
The iPad offers numerous possibilities. Once you have mastered the basic operations of this handy device, there are many more possibilities to discover. For example, there are still several useful settings on the iPad that will make it easier to use. These settings involve the operation of the touch screen, sounds and messages, and the use of privacy options. It is very good to know more about these settings and how to edit them on the iPad! Most apps offer additional settings that you can apply. For example, you can decide whether or not to accept cookies in Safari, synchronize your calendar with your email account, choose which messages to display, set up home sharing in iTunes and set volume controls for the Music app.
Apart from the tips this book provides for the standard apps on your iPad, we will also give you some tips for apps you can purchase or download for free in the App Store. Although this is a small selection of relevant apps, some of them may really suit you. Remember that this online store contains millions of apps. Therefore we recommend you always stay alert and keep looking out for new apps, either in the App Store, on the Internet, and in magazines.
But first of all, quickly dive into this book and find out what else the iPad has to offer!


  • To adjust various image, sound, notifications, and privacy settings
  • To make use of handy settings for working with the keyboard
  • To create backup copies
  • About all sorts of tips for your email, Internet, calendar, and contacts
  • How various apps cooperate, and on the settings you can use
  • About photos, video, music, ebooks, and other types of entertainment

Suitable for: iPad 2, the New iPad (3rd and 4th generation), iPad Air, iPad mini and iPad mini 2 with iOS 7.

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