Thought Out Stabile 2.0 iPad Stand – Silver


iPad Air & iPad Stand Stabile 2.0. A designed and made in the USA single artistic shape from 2.25 pounds of 0.120 inch thick solid steel. This award winning design creates an extremely low center of gravity that keeps the iPad fixed in the stand, earning its stabile name that other stands cannot duplicate. Beyond the sleek look, this iPad stand has many characteristic features that inspire you to use the stand daily. Elevated 3.625 inches high and ergonomically fixed at 55 degrees, allows for a viewing from all aspects and creating a great keyboard storage location underneath the device, saving space. The split back cable management keeps control of your charge cable and wires. Quality 3M anti slip feet prevents sliding on your desk, table or kitchen counter. Thick vinyl padding protects your iPad where it rests in the stand. All finishes are oven baked for superior durability. Instantly use without or with a case or skin, in portrait or landscape orientation, and look great doing it.

Product Family Facts

PRO     3.16 Pounds    Ball Pivoting Model – Not this listing

Stabile 2.0       2.30 Pounds    Introduced 2012 (April) – This listing, see newest reviews by date

Stabile            3.25 Pounds    Discontinued 2012 (March) – Replaced by items above

Compare current Stabile models – Stability Factor

Product Features

  • iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad 4g, 3g, iPad 2, 1g and Galaxy tablets 6 inch and wider on the smallest side and more
  • Made in the USA – 2.25 pounds from solid steel (Heaviest in its class). Anti-tip, low center of gravity stand
  • Sleek, artistic, award winning iPad stand design – Device height 3.625 inch – 55 Degree fixed angle – Keyboard can be stored underneath
  • Split back cable management to control cables – Quality 3M anti slip feet – Oven baked finishes
  • Without or with a case or skin, in portrait or landscape orientation

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  1. Read This First – I Have Two I have two of the original Stabile Ipad Stands. The ones that you see all the rave reviews about and I agree they were five star awesome. What was that. Yes, were. I ordered a new one on Amazon and I did notice that the name now says 2.0 and is the only one available so why wouldn’t it be as nice as the original. Well here we go. Got this stand in and first thing I noticed that the box was so light. The good ones, that the reviewers have, are the heavy ones, almost five pounds of steel…

  2. Stabile Steel iPad stand I have tried other stands which worked but were too easily upset due to their light weight. I finally purchased the Stabile Steel iPad stand from and am very happy with it. I avoided the purchase at first due to it being much more expensive than what I had been using. However, I now have found that it truly was worth the price for me. It is very stable and grips the iPad very well to avoid slipping from the stand even if you tilt it somewhat in moving the stand from place to place. I…

  3. The sturdiest out there. This stand for the ipad surpasses anything else out there. Most of the stands on the market are designed to hold the ipad without a case and that fact is sometimes overlooked when purchasing. My ipad is encased in a switcheasy Cara case so it’s fairly thick and I don’t like removing the cases from my electronics rather it be the ipad, ipod, phone, etc. It’s too much of a hassle with some of the more protective cases. My husband has a Piel leather case that also works with this stand…