Thin iPad Air 1 Case Prodigy Elite – Special Magnetic Stand – 5th Gen iPad Sleep / Wake Cover – By ZooGue


This landscape case is made for the original iPad Air. The iPad Air Case Prodigy Elite, is a huge improvement from its popular predecessor. There is no case on the market that compares to the convenience of this case. It uses special magnets in the kickstand to keep the iPad extremely secure in anyone of it’s 7 angles. It’s absolutely the perfect case for using on your lap, bed, couch, desk, even on a plane or anywhere else. No matter where you are, you will always have the perfect secure angle. Just search around the internet you will see how customers rave about this iPad Case Prodigy. This case is made for the original iPad Air.

Product Features

  • Sleep/Wake Function
  • Magnetic Cover
  • 6 Secure Magnetic Angles
  • Back & Side Protective Plastic Shell
  • Microfiber Interior

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  1. My favorite iPad Air case and I love the magnetic tilt lock design! I have reviewed a lot of iPad Air cases over the last 7 months and this one is my favorite so far. Why? I love the way the tilt mechanism is designed and it works perfectly. I read a lot of newspapers, books and watch a lot of video on my iPad. This tilt mechanism is just so easy to use and it has 7 positions in which you can set the iPad. It doesn’t matter if I am sitting in a chair, using a table or desk or lying in bed I can find the right angle to hold the…

  2. Excellent, solid case…. The iPad Air Case Prodigy Elite is extremely well made, and has a very innovative design. The unit gives you the ability to have 7 secure viewing angles, as they are held in place by magnets…what a smart idea! The 7 angles are so secure and stable, they will not come out, even if you are using it lying down. This case provides great protection, while also being extremely convenient. You can tell by handling it that the unit has been made with high quality materials and will not…