The Joy Factory Illustrate, Height-Adjustable MagConnect Stand with Annotating Overhead Projector App iPad Air, MMA212


Turn your iPad into a Document Camera

Illustrate is the ultimate solution for presenting and annotating live video using an iPad or iPad mini. The adjustable Illustrate iPad stand and the free Illustrate app combine to make demonstrating your important ideas easier than ever. This powerful solution greatly expands the functionality of your existing iPad, making it perfect for education, corporate, and legal presentations. Since you can broadcast, capture, and share your notations all from within the iPad, Illustrate greatly improves the efficiency of your workflow. And with a price that is significantly less than the leading document camera, the Illustrate is the most economical solution for bringing your ideas to life.

The Joy Factory Illustrate Stand w/ Overhead Projecting and Annotating App

Capture live video and display it on a TV, projector, or interactive whiteboard.
The Joy Factory Illustrate Stand w/ Overhead Projecting and Annotating App

MagConnect. Height adjustable. Illustrate App lets you annotate live projections.
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Illustrate iPad App: Broadcast, Annotate, and Share

Capture live video and display it on a TV, projector, or interactive whiteboard using your Apple TV or a wired connection. In addition to live video, the Illustrate App can also broadcast still images and provides an in-app whiteboard or blackboard. Draw Diagrams and even type labels onto the live feed to clearly communicate your important ideas. Easily capture still images of your annotations from within the app. These images can be emailed to students or audience members afterwards or conveniently used for future handouts.

Adjustable Design

The Illustrate Stand is height adjustable, so you have full control over your presentation. And there are two connection ports on the heavy-duty base, so you have your choice of where to mount your iPad.

The Convenience of MagConnect

Your iPad fits into a snug holder which attaches to the stand using a patent-pending magnetic connection. This MagConnect port provides an easy-to-use, secure connection every time. Tightening the precision screw located underneath can bolster this secure connection as desired. Like all MagConnect Products, the Illustrate stand features a spherical joint that allows you to rotate and adjust the angle of the iPad holder to the ideal angle for your presentation.

Plays Well with Others

Since the Illustrate’s iPad tray uses MagConnect technology, it is fully compatible with the full line of MagConnect mounts—from the sleek Desk Stand to the convenient Tripod/Mic Stand Mount. You can easily detach the tray from one mount and attach it to another in seconds. And when not mounting your iPad, you can easily slip it into the Folio360 MagConnect case without having to remove your iPad from the shell. This case even provides a 360°-rotating stand that switches easily between portrait and landscape modes.

The Joy Factory Illustrate Stand w/ Overhead Projecting and Annotating App

Height-Adjustable Stand with Overhead Projecting and Annotating App
About The Joy Factory

The Joy Factory offers lifestyle-driven digital companion accessories. The company’s namesake is derived from the definition of Joy: the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying. This is the driving philosophy behind the company’s commitment to creating an elite class of digital companion products that bridge today’s complex technology and elicit a joyful experience for the consumer.

Key Features
  • Turn your iPad into a document camera
  • Capture, project, and annotate live video or still images
  • Perfect for education, business, or legal presentations
  • Illustrate Overhead Projecting and Annotating App is free
  • Rotate between portrait and landscape modes, adjust your iPad’s angle freely
  • Illustrate Stand is height-adjustable
  • Costs significantly less than the leading standalone document camera
  • MagConnect iPad holder is compatible with all MagConnect mounts and the Folio360 MagConnect case

Product Features

  • Turns your iPad or iPad mini into a document camera
  • Seamlessly works with the free Illustrate App to broadcast live video to a TV or projector using Apple TV or a cable connection (sold separately).
  • The tablet stand is height-adjustable so you can get the best
  • Compatible with iPad 2/3/4, iPad Air, iPad mini, and iPad mini with retina display. Compatible with all MagConnect Trays
  • The Illustrate App allows you to broadcast and annotate not only live video, but also an onscreen whiteboard, blackboard or a still image
  • Save your work! The Elevate App allows screen capture so you can save your annotations for future reference

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  1. Does the job nicely! Very solid feel. I like the look and the solid feel of this head rest mount. It worked without any issue with my iPad2. I will soon use it with my ipad3. Hopefully there will not be a fitting issue. Only complain I have is that it is a bit short and really does not go to the middle between the two seats. Therefore, one of my kids have to sit in the middle seat. Hope the pictures help with your decision.Updated: 12/25/2012.NOT HAPPY ANYMORE! I just tried the hard shell case on my…

  2. Functional, High Quality, Great Looking Product High quality materials, well engineered. The protective plastic cover over the tablet holder had me confused for a minute. You need to unscrew it to expose the magnetic coupler. If you purchase the aXtion Pro waterproof case to go with it, it will work, but the case doesn’t have the magnetic coupler which makes it easier to mount. They make an adapter for this, though I didn’t see it available for purchase separately. I contacted the Joy Factory and they sent one free of charge. Great…