The Compleat Apple iPhone & iPad Camera Guide: Useful Tips That Aren’t In The Manuals


The cameras in the Apple iPhones and iPads are among the most advanced available in any cameras today, and yet most owners don’t use them for anything more than taking snapshots and selfies. They don’t realize that they can take dramatic 3-D landscape photos. They also don’t realize that, without any effort on their part, their iPhone 6s automatically takes brief video clips of them every time they take a selfie and takes a brief video clip of their subject every time they take a regular photo. They also don’t know that they have at their beck-and-call a host of other semi-professional features such as a “studio light box” they can use for self-portraits and 4K-video that is just now beginning to appear in costly video cameras. Why don’t they know these things? Because iPhoto and iPad cameras don’t come with camera manuals or detailed instructions! As a pundit said, “Part of the Apple mystique is to provide one of world’s most sophisticated cameras…but not a manual.” The Compleat Apple iPhone & iPad Camera Guide – Useful Tips That Aren’t In The Manuals is an easy-to-read, 60-page book makes up for this oversight. With few hours of experimenting with their iPhones or iPads, readers will be sharing photos and videos they never dreamed they could be taking. The book starts off with a two-minute, 10-question true-or-false that tests the reader’s knowledge of iPhone and iPad photo techniques. The author says if readers can score 80% they don’t need to read the book. But, he says, most experienced iPhone users are likely to score under 50%. The book devotes a chapter to the 12 essential iPhone and iPad functions that readers NEED to know; a chapter to he 6 functions that are NICE to know; and a chapter to the new functions on the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus. It concludes with chapters on the differences between the cameras on each iPhone and iPad model; when you should use conventional cameras; and what to do when you need technical assistance. The book is written very informally and is only 60 pages. Steve Frankel is also the author of The Compleat Olympus Stylus 1s and The Compleat Olympus TOUGH TG-4 & TG-850. He is an avid travel photographer and street shooter. He has amassed more than 30,000 travel photos and traveled more than 200,000 miles on cruise ships. His photos have been taken with more than 50 different digital cameras and 100 different lenses.

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  1. Read it; Tried it; Mastered it. Like a knowledge pill. Too often the manuals that ship with devices are too enormous and exhaustive, while the “getting started” guides are too cursory and incomplete. I think Steve Frankel has hit the sweet spot. In an hour or two of quickly flowing text and pix I learned enough about that camera I’ve been carrying with me 24/7 to make it a really useful tool. Especially intriguing is his opening quiz (it’s been a while since I’ve been told to take a quiz before reading a book). Having flunked his test,…