Tfz I-flash Drive Card Reader with App Adding Extra Storage for iPhone 5/5S/6/6S/Plus iPad iPad Air iPad Mini Easy to Save Image & Video with 8g Tf Card


Compatibility with:


iPad4 Air Mini Mini2

IPod Touch 5


Manage all your Date directly on the iOS-Device.

Playback Videos/Music directly from external memory

Backup and restore your contact list

Document viewer for all major file formats

Free App from APP Store for communication between your iDevices and i-FlashDrive File management, music play and contact backup are fully built-in .

How to use this item:

Step one: install App named
iStick from App Store;

Step two: insert micro sd card into i-FlashDrive ;
(Very Important)

Step three: insert the 8 pin dock of i-FlashDrive into Apple device;

Step four: Run the i-FlashDrive

Question & Answer :

Will it happen again that it shows  “Authentication Fail!” as what other buyers’ review ?

A: No. It won’t happen again. For the old items, we need to send software to our customers who already ordered before to update i flash drive at hand. But for the new items, we have already updated items by ourselves. You can use i flash drive directly when you receive it. Remember to download APP named iStick on your iphone/ipad.

How much storage space?

A: Non built-in. Need a piece of micro sd card.

What type memory card does it support?

A: Micro sd card.

Does it come with micro sd card?

A: It includes one piece of 8gb micro sd card together.

When I plugged it into my iphone, it said accessary initialization error, please contact your dealer. What happened?

A: You need to insert micro sd card into the iflash drive before you plug it into your iphone. Only by doing that, can it work normally.

Product Features

  • It can dual storage image & video between iDevices and Mac/PC
  • Document viewer, voice recorder & text editor
  • Secured file Encryption for private files
  • Playback Videos/Music directly from external memory
  • The standard USB is compatible with all USB based computers, and at the other end it works with iPod touch, iPhone and iPad

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  1. Very cool little device that makes it easy to transfer files between your IOS/Android device to your Mac/PC This is a review of the i-Flash Drive. I was provided with a free sample for evaluation.I think this is a pretty useful little device. It’s basically similar to a USB stick but it has a Lightning connector on one end a USB on the other and in conjunction with an IOS/Android app, has a lot of functionality. The housing has a MicroSD card slot and the device comes with 8GB Micro SD card plus Card Adapter.You need to download the…

  2. Don’t buy it, it’s pirated and doesn’t work with the app! Update 6/10/15- After trying to circumvent the update of the app that is supposed to work with this device, I have concluded that it just is not worth all of the effort. When I initially bought it, just 2 weeks ago, it worked perfectly with the i-flashdrive hd app at the Apple app store. Then, 2 days ago, Photofast (the app authors) decided to put device authentication code in their app. That invalidated all pirated devices such as this one. I went through three hours worth of communication and…

  3. A great low tech solution for adding storage to an iPad/Phone The device and (free) software work perfectly. I’ve found this a great way to take along a virtually unlimited amount of video and audio entertainment for long trips.On a whim I verified that the I-flash was capable of accessing nearly full 16 GB and 32 GB microSD cards.I mentioned the software briefly in the accompanying video. It provides a ton of features. For exmaple, it allows me to move files between my device, the…