Tempered Glass Screen Protector For Apple Ipad Mini 1 2 3 screen protector Hd Clear film Ultra Thin Guard Anti-bubble screen replacement


1. Automatic adsorption makes an easy and bubble-free installation and no residue when remove

2.Moderate thickness of 0.3mm is not too thin to protect the screen effectively like a 0.2mm and not too thick like 0.4mm which affects the touch screen sensitivity

3. Ultra Clear: High quality ballistic glass screen proctor with high-transparency

4.Ultra Sensitive: Flawless touch screen accuracy for an invisible and perfect protection on touch screen

Please Note:
2. Unlike other normal plastic film,this temepred glass screen protector is quite easy to instal.There will be no bubbles at all unless the screen itself is no clear enough.So to avoid bubbles,please make sure there is NO DIRTY at all

3. This item fits your device perfectly.Especially the 2.5D ROUNDED DESIGNATION,which feels natural,though it looks a little smaller than the real screen.

Installation Guide:
1. Before beginning, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly and wipe your screen with the microfiber cloth

2. Peel the protective layer 1 off the adhesie side

3. Carefully align the tempered glass and the cutouts to the screen and slowly begin the application process

4. Press center of the tempered glass lightly (only a minimum amount of pressure is necessary). Then adhesive part spred to over all smoothly. The film`s adhesive properties allow the tempered glass to stick onto your screen.

Product Features

  • Bubble-Free Adhesives for easy installation and no residue when removed
  • Scratch-resistant, Smooth as glasses ,Extremely durable
  • Precise laser cut tempered glass made with polished, rounded edges
  • Oleophobic Coated, Super clear
  • Anti-smudges,Accurate touch sensitivity

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  1. Really good value for money. Clear instructions. Love it. Very good quality I love this screen protector! The glass protection is just thick enough to make me feel like my phone screen is safe from scratches, dirt, and cracks but is thin enough to look perfectly ,just like there is no protective film at all.Fast shipping. Screen protector was easy to put on, didn’t have any problems. Looks great and also comes with a wiping cloth to clear the dust.it is vital when apply it to my phone.No dust,no bubbles.Really good value for money. Clear instructions. Love…

  2. Amazing!!! It is good value, i buy a perfect goods first time. And i use the screen protector for a long time and it is still durable and clear. So i give a five-star praise without hesitation. And i want to make many people to know the good treasure not just me. The screen protector is truly a good choice, which is Scratch-resistant and smooth as glasses. Most importantly, it is very durable extremely and i am very happy to find the good product after use many other poor quality flims. The…