Teach Yourself VISUALLY iPhone 5


Get the most out of your new iPhone with this easy-to-read visual guide

If you want clear, practical, visual instructions on how to use your new iPhone, this is the book for you. With over 500 color illustrations plus easy-to-follow explanations, it gets you up and running by clearly showing you how to do everything. See how to access and download books, apps, music, and video, as well as send photos, sync with your other Apple devices, and even edit movies on your phone! * Guides you through all the new features and capabilities of the cutting-edge iPhone and the latest version of the iOS * Shows you how to access and download books, apps, songs, and videos * Walks you through sending photos and e-mails, editing movies, and syncing with other Apple devices and services * Features 500 full-color screen shots to reinforce your visual learning of the mobile phone that is a worldwide phenomenon

Teach Yourself VISUALLY iPhone, 2nd Edition is the ultimate visual guide to your iPhone.

From the Book: Tips and Tricks

Energy Bus for Kids Page 8

Give Commands with Siri
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Energy Bus for Kids Page 10

Take HDR and Panorama Photos
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Energy Bus for Kids Page 12

Install Configuration Profiles
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  1. The checklist I’d leave my dad if I went on vacation Sometimes I review products just for me and my tastes and other times I review them because I know and understand the audience that would love them. I’m reviewing this book a bit from my Dad’s point of view because he would absolutely love it.We’ve all got a parent or grandparent that isn’t great with tech. They like to hold onto the tech they know and need someone to walk them through new technology when they do get around to upgrading. That walk through is usually in the form of…

  2. Excellent! Quick Answers, well-indexed! My phone ringer was off for 2 days. When I discovered this, neither I nor my 2 teenage children (who are fairly tech-savvy) could figure out how to turn it back on. The phone itself offered no answers. As soon as we arrived home, I grabbed this clear, well-indexed book and immediately found that there was a hidden switch on the side of the phone (that I had inadvertently switched off when I searched for the charger input days earlier). The iphone 5 is my first smart phone. Using it is not…