Teach Yourself VISUALLY iPad: Covers iOS 8 and all models of iPad, iPad Air, and iPad mini (Teach Yourself VISUALLY (Tech))


Learn the basics and beyond with this visual guide to the iPad, iPad Air, and iPad mini

Teach Yourself VISUALLY iPad, 3rd Edition is a clear, concise, image-rich guide to getting the most out of your iPad or iPad mini. Designed to quickly get you the answers you need, this book cuts to the chase by skipping the long-winded explanations and breaks each task down into bite-sized pieces. You’ll find step-by-step instruction for everything from the initial setup to working with key features, plus troubleshooting advice that can help you avoid a trip to the Apple Genius Bar. Helpful sidebars highlight tips and tricks that get things done faster, and plenty of full-color screenshots help you visualize the lesson at hand. New users will learn how to take advantage of all the iPad has to offer, and experienced users may discover techniques to streamline everyday tasks.

Now that you have this coveted device in your hands, you want to use every feature and maximize every capability. Teach Yourself VISUALLY iPad helps you do just that, walking you through each step in the iPad experience. You’ll learn to:

  • Get the most from any model of the iPad, iPad Air, or iPad mini
  • Customize your iPad and connect with WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Access music, videos, games, photos, books, and apps
  • Set up your e-mail, browse the Web, and manage social media
  • Troubleshoot and fix minor issues that arise

Tooling around on your own is fun, but you’ll miss some of the lesser-known features that help make the iPad the superior device it is. This guide provides a visual tour, complete with expert instruction. If you’re looking to get more out of your iPad, Teach Yourself VISUALLY iPad, 3rd Edition is essential reading.

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  1. Fantastic Learning Tool for iPad users I love this little book. I showed it to my son and he laughed, but frankly I thought it was a great idea and good for someone like myself and my wife who really wanted to get to know our iPads better.I have had an iPad for four years, so I was pretty sure that I knew it well. But going through this visual self help book was a great tool for me. I knew a bunch of the stuff that was laid out here, but there were nagging things that I was frustrated with that were answered in the pages…

  2. Great Visual Support For iPad Use The Teach Yourself Visually iPad Book is a full-color visual textbook for folks who didn’t grow up with technology but are using it/receiving it now. The book is 324 pages (without the index) and has 12 chapters. Each chapter has its own table of contents, so you can get right to the directions you want and each chapter has the visual images that show the Icons and buttons you need. In addition, each section is also-color coded at the top, a nice extra for visual learners.The first…

  3. Keeping the Digital World at Your Fingertips This book is truly a Godsend if you are interested in learning what you and your iPad are capable of doing. What I like about this book is that it is like a Dick & Jane for anyone interested in learning to maximize their usage of an iPad. It is not verbose and it has good illustrations that walk you through all phases and functions of an iPad from just turning it on to adding applications; setting up iCloud and adding playlists as well as its photographic capabilities. An iPad is a portable…