Targus Versavu Folio Rotating Case with Removable Keyboard for iPad Air 2 (THZ540US)


Transform your iPad Air 2 into the ultimate viewing experience with the VersaVu 360-degree Keyboard Case. With a simple swivel of the patented 360-degree rotating cradle, you can customize the orientation of your screen from landscape to portrait – all in slim case that unlocks laptop-like productivity. Equipped with a removable, full QWERTY keyboard with Bluetooth connectivity. When full charged, working battery life is 130 hours. The snap-in custom fit tray securely holds the device in place, and has a slight bezel to protect the screen. A soft interior surrounds both device and keyboard to protect from scuffs and scratches. And, a magnetic closure keeps the case securely fastened when not in use. This smart iPad Air 2 case takes productivity and versatility to the next level.

Product Features

  • Custom fit case for iPad Air 2 with removable Bluetooth keyboard
  • 360-degree screen rotation – view in landscape or portrait mode
  • Magnetic sliding keyboard stays firmly in place
  • Folio wrap design with perfect fit tray to hold your iPad Air 2
  • 100 hour rechargeable lithium battery included
  • Features removable keyboard design and 360-degree Versavu screen rotation
  • Magnetic sliding keyboard keeps it secure and provides infinite viewing and typing positions
  • Folio wrap design functions the same with or without keyboard inside of case
  • Wake/sleep convenience – when you close the folio, your device goes to sleep, open and it wakes
  • Battery provides over 130 hours of use when fully charged
  • Well-spaced, short throw keys provide an accurate and comfortable typing experience
  • Magnetic flap closure


  1. Disappointing product! I received the two Targus keyboard folio cases this morning. Upon unpacking the first one, I noticed the inferior quality of the case compared with the Targus keyboard folio case for the earlier iPad 2. The case is plastic compared nicely stitched leatherette on the older case. The keys are also noticeably smaller. Rotating the iPad Air 2 to portrait mode is clumbsy and unstable, thus requiring repositioning the keyboard to prop up the iPad. A cosmetic issue is that the Apple logo no longer…

  2. 3.5 stars – 4 stars depending how you use it. The thing that makes this Targus keyboard folio stand out is either going to be what some people love, or what some hate. Here’s the deal: the keyboard comes right off the case. It’s not a one-piece deal like the others. For some (e.g. people riding the train) this make be horrible. Don’t get me wrong, you can connect them, but they will fall apart when jostled. It would be a but fiddly for me to use at a non-desk environment.BUT, if you use it on a desk, or table, etc. the detached…