Tablift Tablet Stand for the Bed, Sofa, or Any Uneven Surface – By Nbryte


The Tablift is a unique universal tablet stand made for all the places normal tablet stands will not work: the bed, couch, or any uneven surface. It will hold your tablet in the ideal viewing position, even when lying completely flat, without having to rest it or balance it on your body. The Tablift works with virtually any tablet. It is an iPad holder, a Galaxy holder, and a tablet stand and holder for just about every tablet out there. The patented hands-free design allows you to free your hands, making watching movies and videos, reading, video calls, and other activities much easier and enjoyable. The Tablift transforms your tablet experience in the places you use your tablet the most.

Product Features

  • Universal design works with virtually any tablet (without a case)
  • Apple iPad (all generations, full sized and mini), Samsung Galaxy (all models and sizes), Asus Google Nexus 7, Vivotab, Microsoft Surface 2, plus most any other tablet
  • Will fit any tablet that with an edge that will fit into the 10mm wide slots
  • Flexible legs will fold down to compact size
  • Flexible and stable design perfect the bed, the couch, or any uneven surface


  1. Best Way to Use iPad in Bed Yet Invented! This is THE way to read your iPad in bed. Or watch videos. Or write business letters. Or whatever you do with your iPad in bed, so long as it doesn’t involve a lot of moving around. Unlike a case with a hand strap or a floor stand that swings out of the way immediately, this takes a couple of seconds to position and get out from under, but if you’re just doing that to set up and finish, it won’t bother you at all.Realize that it fits iPads really well. iPads in cases… Not so much…