Snugg™ Shock, Drop & Kid Proof Blue iPad Air / Air 2 Case with Lifetime Guarantee


Are you comfortable giving your child or baby your unprotected iPad? Is there a risk that it might be thrown as a frisbee?
We thought so. That’s why the Snugg has designed and created a
shock, drop and kid proof iPad Air case that wont let that happen!

The cases are made from
premium eco-friendly, non-toxic EVA foam which is a highly
durable yet
cushioned material. These features make the product perfect for children’s use and gives you as their parents
peace of mind! All ports, buttons and cameras are
easily accessible with our
user-friendly design.

The Kids iPad case comes with our
Snugg lifetime guarantee so you can
purchase with confidence and security!

Key Features

– Shock, drop and kidproof

– Durable and cushioned

– Suitable for iPad Air

– Full access to ports, buttons and cameras

– Eco-friendly, non-toxic EVA material

Why buy from the Snugg?

– The Snugg has been featured on trusted technology sites such as
Macworld and

– We are a brand trusted and used by
Coca Cola,
Range Rover and many more.

iPad Size Guide
1) Turn your iPad over
2) On the back, near the bottom, the Model Number will be printed in tiny letters
3) Reference the model numbers below to determine your iPad version:
iPad 1: A1219 or A1337
iPad 2: A1395, A1396, or A1397
iPad 3: A1416, A1430, or A1403
iPad 4: A1458, A1459, or A1460
iPad Mini: A1432, A1454, or A1455
iPad Air: A1474 or A1475
iPad Air 2: A1566 or A1567
iPad Mini with Retina: A1490
iPad Mini 3: A1599 or A1600

Product Features

  • Don’t want to risk your child using your iPad as a frisbee or a sword? We’ve got you covered!
  • User-friendly design allows full access to all ports, buttons and cameras
  • The Snugg shock, drop and kid proof case will give you – as a parent (and iPad Air owner) – reassuring peace of mind
  • Buy with confidence with our Snugg lifetime guarantee and superb customer support
  • Large ergonomic handles to give your child secure control and manipulation of the iPad


  1. The Snugg versus Gripcase I love this case, however, it is not for our daughter. She has Cerebral Palsy and I have to duct tape the iPad into the case. The thing I loved most about this case that I didn’t like about the Gripcase was the enclosed back. It protects the iPad better. However, the open back allowed me to tuck the duct tape under the case so my daughter could not peel it off. With the Snugg case she just peeled the tape off. She will take the iPad out and bite it and break the screen. So basically we…