SHARKK® Apple iPad Keyboard For iPad AIR / iPad 4 / iPad 3 / iPad 2 / DETACHABLE Bluetooth Keyboard Case Cover Stand Rotates 360 Degrees With Multi Adjustable Angles And Removable Stand And iPad ClamShell Skin Case (with 2 case sizes. One for iPad Air and one for iPad 2/3/4)


Limited compatibility with iOS 7 affecting the Search and Photo View Mode hot keys.


SHARKK offers consumer accessory solutions across many different categories such as Tablet and phone cases, Keyboards, Batteries, Speakers, Wallets, Cufflinks, Money clips, Collar stays, and various cables.

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Package includes:

1 Bluetooth keyboard case

1 instruction manual

1 USB charging cable


1. Auto correct does NOT work while keyboard is in use

2. We offer great customer service. Please email us with any questions or concerns

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Product Features

  • USB cable included for charging. Works with all versions of iPad2, iPad3, and The New iPad4. Keyboard will connect to any Bluetooth device but it can only be used as a case and stand for iPad2, iPad3, and The New iPad4.
  • Made by SHARKK Brands. Customized with sleep/wake hibernation mode when case is on the tablet.
  • Rotates 360 degrees for multiple viewing options including vertical and horizontal.
  • Keyboard, Skin and Stand are all detachable.
  • Dimensions: 245 x 190 x 23 mm, weight: 475 g.

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  1. An excellent case and Bluetooth keyboard with a lot of features and functionality! My wife uses her iPad 2 between 4 and 6 hours a day and she does a lot of typing. She has actually almost become a speed typist on the iPad screen. There are some functions of a real keyboard that she missed so she wanted to use this case. This clamshell case is a combination of a nice case with a good quality keyboard built into it. The keyboard connects to the iPad with Bluetooth and the connection was extremely fast and easy. This is important to her as she almost…

  2. The BEST case for the iPad!!!! A++++ I purchased this case because I wanted a keyboard for school and work and a case that still provided protection for the entire iPad. Many cases only protect the screen but I wanted one that protected everything. This case is very sturdy and dynamic and meets all of the criteria I was looking for. The iPad can be on the stand landscape or portrait, off the stand to carry around without the keyboard, or on the stand separate from the keyboard which makes it incredibly versatile. Another thing I…

  3. The best case I have ever used for iPad First, I am going to be typing this review from the keyboard and case. This is by far the most reliable and well thought out case for iPad. I feel as if the iPad is now ready for anything.The iPad is secured on a pivoting arm. This arm allows for turning, twisting and locking the iPad in many different positions. Landscape, portrait, upside down or in simple “laptop” mode. Not only can you keep the iPad attached to the keyboard, and still use it in all of these positions, but if you…