SHARKK® Apple iPad Air 2 Keyboard Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Case Cover Stand For iPad 6 / iPad Air 2 With 360 Degree Rotating Feature And Multiple Viewing Angles. Folio Style with IOS Commands. For the iPad Air 2 ONLY Black


Enhance the utility and convenience of your iPad Air 2 with the lightweight and durable Wireless Keyboard Case by SHARKK brands. Serving as both a fully functional keyboard and as a rotating stand, this case is the perfect accessory for any work or home environment.
Additionally, the slim case design allows for easy transportation inside a purse or briefcase.

Contemporary Design
Sleek and stylish, the Wireless Keyboard Case has a rubberized matte feel while the rotating stand is made of brushed aluminum.
The keys themselves are made of ABS with a Chocolate Key design.

Keyboard Features
In addition to the overall added convenience of the case, the keyboard itself features whisper quiet keys, classic Apple layout and IOS commands.
While the case is designed to work only with an iPad Air 2, the keyboard may be used with any Bluetooth compatible device.

Please Note:
The devices native Auto correct feature will be disabled while the keyboard is in use.

The SHARKK Lifestyle Brand is pleased to be able to offer a wide range of consumer accessories across many different product categories. Keyboards, Tablet and Phone Cases, Speakers and Wallets are but a few of the items that make up our extensive online catalog.
Here at SHARKK, the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers are the two greatest passions of our enterprise, as we endeavor to bring you top quality items at competitive prices.

Product Features

  • Secure, lightweight and specially designed for use with the iPad Air 2.
  • Smooth 360 degree rotation allows for multiple viewing angles.
  • Lithium Ion battery gives you up to 60 hours of continuous use on a single charge!
  • The wireless Bluetooth keyboard features classic Apple functions and iOS commands.
  • Package includes: SHARKK Keyboard, USB cable, illustrated manual for easy setup and use, Lifetime tech support, Standard SHARKK warranty

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  1. An excellent Bluetooth keyboard for your iPad Air! This is an excellent Bluetooth keyboard that has a lot of features built in. It has a rechargeable lithium battery that you can charge with your computer’s USB port or with any USB AC wall charger that you own. It has a nice method of allowing you to tilt the iPad and place it into a couple of grooved tabs to allow you to type, view videos or to read. It makes your iPad look like a mini laptop. The case is beautifully painted with a rubberized texture of paint that…

  2. I’m Honestly Speechless – This Rotating Bluetooth Keyboard Case ROCKS!! I only like cases where you can place your iPad upright in Portrait or Landscape orientation. Most magazines read better in Portrait. So for the last couple years, I’ve owned Targus Versavu 360 Rotating cases and carried a separate Bluetooth Keyboard for my iPad. My iPad Air 2 was no exception. But, this isn’t an integrated solution, so I wondered if I could find an integrated Bluetooth Keyboard Case with 360 rotation. And that led me to the Sharkk Air 2 Keyboard Wireless Bluetooth Case…