Screen Protector for iPhone 6, Anti-Glare, Nupro, Apple iPhone screen protection, (4.7″ screen)


Screen Protector Kit by NuPro

Designed to fit your iPhone 6, the screen protector kit provides protection from scratches, smudges and dirt. Kit includes three screen protectors, cleaning cloth and applicator card for an easy bubble-resistant intallation.

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Product Features

  • Designed to perfectly fit your iPhone 6
  • Provides protection from scratches, smudges and dirt while minimizing glare
  • Includes three screen protectors, cleaning cloth, and applicator card

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  1. For the reviewer that said it didn’t protect their screen from cracking upon dropping it – no screen protector will. They’re only to prevent scratches on the screen from things like keys in your pocket, setting it down face down, so on..This is a decent screen protector and installed correctly it’s as good as any. Here’s a guide to how to get the screen protector to work perfectly.Before you start you’ll want to have some clear tape on hand, this will be to remove any…