Renegade LAP PRO Beanbag Lap Stand iPad & Android Tablet Accessory (Blue)


The Lao Pro Beanbag Lap Stand is the ultimate lap stand for use with your tablet, E-reader, book, and all other print publications! The Lap Pro, is a portable plushy, light, beanbag workstation designed for use in bed, the couch, the chair, travel (trains, planes & automobiles). Its contouring capability makes it able to be used on virtually all uneven surfaces, enabling comfortable use of your tablet, e-reader, book, and any electronic device while lying flat on your back – fully reclined, sitting upright or anywhere in between. Designed to be angled from 0 – 89 degrees, allowing users total control of viewing angles. The Lap Pro doubles as a tote with multiple pockets to store items around such as iPad and Android Tablet accessories, electronic wires, phone chargers, and much more! Its MicroFiber shell, makes it soft to the touch while allowing it to clean screens too. A great study companion for students of all ages, casual reading, game players, the infirmed and alleviates work for those with arm or hand issues.

Product Features

  • Doubles as a Carrying Tote with 2x pocket (fits slimmer cases). Perfect for the pool side/beach, travel, work, studies, game play & the infirmed or those suffering from arm or hand issues
  • Angles from 0-89 deg. The Perfect Electronic Accessory! Soft, Light & Plushy Lap Stand – 13 oz., No hard or sharp parts, very light and child friendly, and hand-made doubling as a comfortable pillow.
  • Works on most uneven surfaces using the devices own weight for stability. Just place the tablet, iPad Android Tablet, or any electronic device in the handle. IT IS HANDS FREE! Use as a table stand for your electronics. -Design & Utility, Patented-


  1. Works great…with slight adjustment I noticed that someone complained about the fact that iPad would slip below the edge line thereby making the pillow almost useless. I too noticed this same issue when I bought the product but found a very easy solution. The pillow has a small zippered compartment – presumably to store cables and things. However if you stuff that compartment with something soft (like socks or a t-shirt) it significantly stiffens up the pillow and raises the height of the crevice on which the iPad rests. This not…

  2. Ipad Pillow The product is described as an iPad stand or caddy, but really I would call it an iPad pillow – and it is just perfect! It was exactly what I was looking for. I use it when I’m sitting on the couch, when I’m laying in bed, and at night as a charging station. It is described as adjustable, which means you can sort of “mush” it around to change the angle of the iPad. It easily accommodates portrait or landscape mode. It holds the iPad at whatever angle I choose so that I can read, play…