Portable EVA Tablet Case / Electronics Accessories Case / for Ipad Air /anti-shock Hard Drive Case / Travel Cable Organizer/power Bank Case/usb Pouch(XL)


Product Features

  • Dimensions : [OUT] 11.5 x 8.3 x 2.2 inches. [IN] 11.0 x 7.9 x 1.6 inches.
  • EVA Shockproof Hard case Travel Case For iPad Air, Hard Drive, and External Battery Pack etc.
  • Hard waterproof EVA molded case with elegant design protects your Tablet pc and device from scratches, dust and accidental dropping.
  • Please check the case size and your tablet sizes.


  1. A THIN CASE TO CARRY MOST OF YOUR ELECTRONIC NEEDS. Case has many different uses. I purchased this case to hold my 6 inch tablet, charging cables, wall adapters, cleaning cloth and so on. I I love the case, the fabric, zippered pouches, straps and all the pockets. Upon starting to fill my case i hit a major road block. My wall adapter will not fit in the case w my tablet unless I squeeze it a 1/4 inch to get it zipped. Now if I take my tablet out of the case and put a wall adapter in with a charging cable I still have to squeeze the case to close it a bit. I would not…

  2. Univerrsal travel organizer Although the travel organizer is of excellent quality as I expected it would be, it is rather disappointing in the aspect of size. The picture shows it loaded with items, and as I have only tried putting a couple things in it, I am finding that they don’t fit. The divided compartments are extremely small and have very little stretch ability. It is also very shallow. once you put items in it, you have to exert a considerable amount of pressure against your ipad for it to be able to zip closed…