Poetic iPad Air Graph Grip Silicone Case, Black (818779018009)


Poetic 818779018009 iPad Air Graph grip Silicone Case (black)

Product Features

  • Made Of High Quality Silicone Material
  • Provides A Comfortable Grip
  • Added Protection Against Accidental Drops
  • Dust-proof Insert Design For Better Protection
  • Black

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  1. Fits iPad Air perfectly, why pay more? I received this the same day I received my iPad Air (5th generation). For the price, I simply could not be happier.. this thing is literally a small fraction the price of a gumdrop case. How they’re getting $60 for their cases, I don’t know.What’s good:This fits like a glove. The cut-outs for the dual mics, lightning connector, rotation/mute switch, speakers, and cameras are perfect. The buttons for the screen lock and volume are spot on.What you should know:…

  2. Ugh. I let the good reviews overcome my hatred for silicone. I have tried many many cases on iPhones and iPads over the years and I have NEVER EVER EVER liked a silicone case but the great reviews of this case suckered me in.Sure, the cases go on super easy–but it also means they come off super easy and are too flexible.Sure, they can provide some “grip” so they don’t slide all over the place, but then that same grip can pull the case away from the iPad. Once the iPad was in this case, any swipe over the edges or the end with any…