Otterbox Defender Series Case for iPad Air – Gunmetal Grey / White


The latest, greatest iPad Air is a wonder of function and sleek beauty. Ensure you keep this incredible device safe from the bumps and scrapes of life with the rugged, multi-layer protection of the Defender Series iPad Air case. Only at can you build your own Defender Series case for iPad Air.

The Defender Series iPad Air case is the latest, greatest case from OtterBox that delivers trusted protection for your prized possession. The internal polycarbonate shell snaps together to completely cover the iPad Air. The durable synthetic rubber slip cover wraps around the internal shell to absorb and deflect impact force away from the device inside. The clear membrane screen protector is built into the internal shell to guard against scratches and scrapes, but doesn’t take away from the brilliant display of the touch screen. Confidently take your iPad Air with you everywhere encased in trusted OtterBox protection from the Defender Series iPad Air case.

Product Features

  • Rugged, top-quality protective iPad Air case for your precious new device
  • Multi-layer iPad Air cover precisely designed to protect against potential damage from drops, bumps, dust and scratches
  • Versatile shield stand provides additional protection during transport and convenient typing and viewing angles
  • Never worry about your new favorite gadget when you protect it with trusted OtterBox Defender Series iPad Air cases
  • Included shield stand provides added protection for the touch screen during transport


  1. Highly recommended Otterbox case! Very nice case! It’s only flaw is that you have to be the Incredible Hulk to to get it apart. But, once you get past all that, it’s a case with a tight fit that won’t let anything in. Make sure you have cleaned off both your iPad Air and the inside is the protective screen cover before putting it together. Otherwise you have to start all over again taking the thing apart just for a few specks of dust. I’m OCD about that! I’ll take a cover apart several times to get one piece of dust! If you’re…

  2. “A one time fluke?” I bought this product knowing that otterbox has always been my “go to” brand but on this occasion it starts fit good but the home button would not function through the rubber nor the power button. I tried several times to fit and refit the case but to no avail. Without cracking to hard on the case manufacture this may be a one time defect nor did I try to call or return the product. I needed it so I as a do it yourselfer I cut out the rubber as needed to make the product function. NOTE-…