New Trent Airbender 1.0 Wireless Bluetooth Clamshell Keyboard Case with 360 Degree Rotation and Multi-Angle Stand for iPad 4, iPad 3 and iPad 2 – Black and Silver(1pc)


The Keys With a row of hotkeys up top and the QWERTY layout at the bottom, no need to fully rely on the iPad screen. iPad case angle choice: Once the arm slides back from the base, the iPad can rest in either trough for different angles. Wireless Connection Pairing is just a few steps away. iPad keyboard case specifications: Input: 5V@1A Bluetooth connection: Range of 33ft or 10m Dimensions: 9.7 x 8 x 1.1 inches Be sure to find the official New Trent logo to ensure a 10 month warranty.

Pairing the Airbender with iPad:

1. Enable Bluetooth in iPad’s Settings. 2. Turn on Airbender keyboard, press the CONNECT button(BT LED will begin flashing). 3. From iPad, select “Bluetooth keyboard”. A prompt message will appear on iPad’s screen asking to enter passcode on Bluetooth keyboard. 4. From Airbender keyboard, Enter the passcode then press Enter.

Bluetooth keyboard status should now appear CONNECTED. Both devices has successfully paired!

(Note: The CONNECT button is only needed for the initial pairing) Airbender has sleep/wake function. When not in use, it will go to sleep mode until it is activated again by tapping a key.


If connection problem occur such as unresponsive key input or Bluetooth connection issue, try forgetting the keyboard device and redo the pairing process. 1. From iPad’s Bluetooth Settings, select the blue icon next to Bluetooth keyboard, then Forget This Device. Now redo the Pairing process to reconnect Bluetooth keyboard with iPad.

Product Features

  • Airbender iPad case is compatible with iPad 4, iPad 3, & iPad 2 only. Will not fit first generation iPad or iPad Air/2
  • Ultra-low profile Bluetooth keyboard (7/16 inch) with optimized key design for comfortable typing experience
  • Multi-adjustable stand for vertical and horizontal iPad positions
  • High quality hard clamshell iPad keyboard case with matte finish
  • Note: Refer the manufacture website. Due to the recent software updates introduced from Apple’s iOS Version 9.0 (and onwards), certain aspects related to the input method on Language Change may have changed. For all iOS devices running iOS Version 9.0 or newer, please use CTRL + Spacebar to initiate the Language Change function on the keyboard case.


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