Monoprice 108701 Replacement Tips for Graphic Tablet Stylus for Cellphones – Retail Packaging


Replacement Tips for Graphic Tablet Stylus comes in 10 in a pack

Product Features

  • Replacement Tips
  • Comes in 10 in a pack
  • For Graphic Tablet Stylus

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  1. great price for replacement tips! I cannot find replacement tips for my Tursion Tablet digital pen. The company only offers a whole replacement pen or the desk holder with tips and the cost is half the price of a whole new tablet! So I elected to give these tips a try. They will work very nicely in the Tursion pen but are just a small bit shorter in length and half a millimeter thicker in diameter so when you insert them into the pen, the housing will be stretched a little. I would recommend using up the tips that come with the…