MoKo Apple iPad Air Cover Case – Slim-Fit Case with Stand for iPad Air / iPad 5 (5th Gen) Tablet, INDIGO (With Smart Cover Auto Wake / Sleep)


Compatibility: Custom designed for your precious Apple iPad Air Tablet, this MoKo case features a combination of functionality and style. Well built to protect your Apple iPad Air Tablet for the years to come. Product Description: Automatically wakes or puts Apple iPad Air Tablet to sleep when the lid is opened and closed. High Quality, Stylish and Durable, Easy to install and remove. Available in PU or Genuine leather for a classy look. Convenient stand position for watching movie or typing. Interior hand strap for comfortable one-handed use. With stylus pen loop. About us: This product is sold exclusively by BSCstore. Only buy from BSCstore to get genuine MoKo(TM) products with Lifetime warranty and superb customer service. MoKo is registered trademark of BSCstore and is exclusively distributed by BSCstore on Amazon. MoKo trademark is protected by US Trademark Law.

Product Features

  • Automatically wakes or puts Apple iPad Air Tablet to sleep when the lid is opened and closed. Access to all features and controls.
  • Padded front cover and hard plastic back offer enhanced protection, at front, back, and all CORNERS.
  • Built-in stand with several angles: perfect whenever you type an email or watch a movie.
  • Interior hand strap for comfortable one-handed use. Microfiber interior.
  • Lifetime warranty. Search “MoKo iPad Air” for other accessories offered by BSCstore.

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  1. Exactly as represented Santa brought me the new iPad Air for my stocking this Christmas, so the very next day I immediately began the fun task of researching and choosing the perfect new case to protect it. I did the obligatory stop at the local Apple shop and made a lukewarm pass around the big Best Buy behemoth. Nothing came close to my list of criteria for style, function and protection. My son and husband both encouraged me to take a bit more time and sift through the enormous selection found online. I was…

  2. Good Case, Value, My Comparison to Others Here is an update on this product on 1-14-14. As I suspected when I first installed my iPad in this case, there was the chance that the friction clamps that hold the iPad into the case could become worn or slippery over time and the iPad could slip out of the case. This has started to happen recently. I am looking for a simple fix for this.Prev. Review: Since there are a ton of reviews on this item, I will focus on a comparison to other iPad cases I have owned. My one and only…

  3. Has everything I was looking for, but has two massive design flaws. I was so excited about this case, it looked minimal and slim, while also giving me the “Book jacket” front cover that I got used to while I had my ipad 2 in a case that had a similar front cover. I was also really excited about the hand strap. Had this case not had the two design flaws (Well…. in my mind they are design flaws) it would have easily been a five star case, and I would have paid twice the price for it.Design flaw one: You have to unsnap the iPad from the…