Mobility iGo Tip A133 for iPhone and iPod


Tip A133 for iPod/ iPhoneThe iGo interchangeable power tips allow a single iGo adapter to charge all of your gadgets up to eight times faster than standard USB and trickle chargers.

What’s in the Box

iGo Top A133

Product Features

  • Connects any iGo power cable to 30-pin dock connector models of iPod and iPhone
  • For use with iGo chargers that have the iGO connector, such as iGo Everywhere and iGO PowerXtender
  • Requires an Apple Lightning adapter for use with iPod nano 7th generation, iPod touch 5th generation, or iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S. This tip will not charge an iPhone 5.

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  1. Works perfectly for me I have had an iGo charger for many years and have never had a problem. I recently purchased the tip for my new iPhone 3GS (32 meg) and sure enough, it works fine. It also works on my wife’s 1st gen iPhone great. It is the only charger either of us uses. I can confirm that the iGo will NOT charge an iPhone with the iGo splitter attached (I think because the power is shared between the two and is therefore reduced below the level the iPhone needs) but this is a problem with the splitter (and…