Mobile Apps: Are They Really Free


The saying,” You get what you pay for,” just might be associated with mobile apps as well. When we are in the app store and it has a free version or pay one dollar and get the ad free version the majority go with free and deal with the ads. Studies have shown you may be better off just coughing up the dollar.

According to Melanie Pinola, new research from the University of Southern California, Rochester Institute of Technology, and Queen’s University found that compared to apps without ads, apps with ads are a big drain on your battery, take up more processing time, and also use much more data. 

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Most of the energy used goes into powering the ads that are shown. These apps can lower your phone’s battery life by 0.4 to 0.8 hours, depending on how you use them. Also the bigger memory usage means your phone will run slower.

If you don’t have unlimited data than higher data usage can cost you. Just be careful with things that are free because often they come with a big cost.

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