Marware AHEV11 EcoVue for the  iPad (4th Generation), iPad 3 and iPad 2, Black


The Marware EcoVue iPad 3 case is a versatile, eco-leather folio-style case for the fashionable, environmentally sensible tablet user. With sophisticated style, the EcoVue’s durable eco-leather exterior guards your iPad 3 from scratches and mild impact. Unlike other leather folio-style iPad 2 covers, the EcoVue offers a foldaway, low-angle stand for typing or display, and an innovative elastic hand strap for a comfortable, improved hold while walking, exercising, lounging, or using FaceTime. When it comes to safeguarding the future of your Apple iPad 3, protect your investment and the environment with the EcoVue iPad 3 case by Marware. In addition to the style and functionality, Marware utilizes durable eco-leather, so each EcoVue case helps protect your investment and the environment. What’s so great about eco-leather? The tanning process used to make this leather uses fewer toxins than traditional leather tanning. This minimizes toxic runoff into the ground and water tables. Throughout the entire process, the leather remains RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant. No chlorine, no sulfuric acid, and no petroleum/chemical based dyes. This is real leather, without the environmental impact of standard tanning and dyeing processes. Marware, Inc. is an independently owned U.S. based corporation located in Hollywood, Florida. Their primary focus is designing and producing accessories – to protect your accessories as if they were their own – for the Apple, Amazon Kindle, and mobile electronics markets. They’re committed to offering the coolest cases and accessories for all your electronics backed by their superior quality, innovation, style and functionality. Along with designing cases and accessories, they also develop software applications for the Mac and iPhone.

Product Features

  • Protective folio-style, eco-leather iPad 3 case made from RoHS compliant leather (Restriction of Hazardous Substances).
  • Innovative hand strap makes it easier to hold and use the iPad 3.
  • Low-angle, foldaway tabletop stand for typing or display.
  • Elastic closure strap keeps the case in open or closed position.
  • Fold over safety tab that locks the iPad 3 in place.
  • Rubber strips along side edges help stand device for display/viewing
  • Eco-leather exterior
  • Automatic sleep/wake lid
  • Built-in stylus holder along side edge (stylus not included)

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  1. Protect your iPad! This case is great – I feel like my iPad is protected from the unexpected. I had one from the same company for my Kindle Fire and loved it, so I thought I’d try Marware for my iPad. I like how the case gives some substance to the thing – something to hold on to. There really is such a thing as too thin! I like the auto sleep feature and how it wakes up when I open the case.You have to be sure the camera hole is just right before taking pictures. I wasn’t aware of this at first, and…