Logitech Big Bang Impact Protective Thin and Light Case for iPad Air, Forged Graphite (939-001042)


Logitech Big Bang for iPad Air (Forged Graphite)

Ultra-protective case with multi-view stand
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Military-grade protection for iPad Air

Military-grade protection for iPad Air
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Logitech Big Bang for iPad Air (Forged Graphite)

IMPACT-PROTECTIVE THIN, LIGHT CASE. This ultra-protective case is designed and tested to help safeguard your iPad Air from accidental drops, bumps, scratches and spills. Featuring E. P. S (Essential Protection System), the case’s shell and folio cover are reinforced with proven shock-absorbent material used by industries that take shock absorption seriously—aerospace, automotive and sport protection equipment. This material helps dissipate the shock, minimizing the impact force and protecting iPad Air from drops* and screen impact. ** The case is even liquid-repellent and wipeable so spills are no big deal. (*Drop protection tested from up to 1.4m height. **Screen-impact protection for iPad enabled when folio cover is closed. )

Exceeds Military Drop Standard (MIL STD 810 G)

Your iPad Air case delivers military-grade protection that’s tested for drop protection from up to 1.4m height. From kitchens to playrooms, from boardrooms to road trips, from mom’s bag to dad’s lap to junior’s hands – this case is designed for everything and is up for anything.

Thin and light design

At only 16mm thick, Big Bang is exceptionally thin and light for such mighty impact-protection. Not like your ordinary rugged iPad Air case. Camera, microphone and charger holes let you video chat, take photos and connect your iPad Air without having to remove it from the case.

Versatile viewing

A built-in multi-angle stand gives you the flexibility to place iPad Air in a range of viewing angles so you can read, browse, and watch cartoons or presentations in comfort.


Product Highlights
  • Shock-absorbent case
  • Military-grade protection
  • Ultra-slim, feather-light design
  • Built-in multi-view iPad Air stand
Auto-wake, auto-sleep

Your iPad Air is always ready when you need it. Big Bang wakes iPad when you open the cover and puts it to sleep when you close it.

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Thin and light everyday protection

Available for iPad mini and iPad mini with Retina display

Folio (2 sided)

Two-sided protection from bumps, scratches and spills

Multiple viewing angles

Flexible range of any viewing angle (Within a 50-degree range)

iPad auto-wake / auto-sleep

Product Features

  • Shock absorbent material protects from drops
  • Durable materials protect from bumps and scratches
  • Liquid repellent wipe-able material
  • Shock absorbent material protects from screen impact
  • Ultra-protective case for iPad Air: Essential Protection System helps safeguard iPad Air from accidental drops, screen impact, bumps, scratches and spills
  • Exceeds Military Drop Standard (MIL STD 810 G): Tested for drop protection from up to 1.4m height
  • Thin and light design: Rugged impact protection yet only 16mm thick
  • Versatile viewing stand: Place iPad Air at a wide range of comfortable viewing angles
  • Auto wake and sleep: Wakes iPad Air when you open the cover, puts it to sleep when you close it

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  1. Good if you need heavy protection – with some caveats This Logitech Big Bang case provides great protection from abuse via a thick rubberize surround. If you’ll be using your iPad Air in an environment where it is likely to be abused – for example at a trade show with concrete floor – I would definitely consider this. I don’t like it at all for every day use, though, because of its weight and bulk.It’s easy to slip the iPad Air into the case, but the cover is a little squirrelly – does not always shut perfectly like an Apple Smart…

  2. Excellent protection… at a price I have been an iPad user and fanatic since launch day of the first iPad, and I use mine absolutely all the time. To watch videos in bed, read magazines and books, view pictures, surf the web, get in-flight entertainment… The problem when you use your iPad so much is that it is is bound to get bumped; the aluminum case is prone to bend in corners, which in turn leads to glass breakage. Any concerned iPad owner will protect their expensive toy with a case, but unfortunately many cases offer…

  3. Its 15 oz almost double iPad Air’s weight, at a price At 15 ounces, like a medieval suit of armor, the Logitech Big Bang increases the Apple iPad Air 16 oz weight by unacceptable 94 % to total 1.9 lb (11.6″ weighs 2.4 lb) destroying its fundamental quality – lightness. Thus, 5.9-oz, Kevlar-like, is recommended instead.However, the case is ergonomic, aesthetic,…