LEDO CASE Premium Genuine Leather Sleeve “Banyan” for the iPad Mini / iPad Mini with Retina Display – Snug Fit – Travel Case – Black



The Ledo “Banyan” iPad Mini case is sleek, stylish, and form-fitting. It drapes your iPad in our 100% genuine, supple leather.

The interior of the case is made of a velvety material, protecting your iPad from scratches and damage while within the case.

The Banyan preserves the simple, thin, and easy to carry quality of the iPad Mini, while also offering stylish protection. You can enjoy the benefits of reliable protection for your device without having the deal with the bulk of many other cases.


• 100% rich, genuine leather

• Reliable, yet form-fitting protection


• Exterior: 100% genuine leather

• Interior: rich, velvety flannel

In the Box:

• Sleek, beautiful box great for gifts

• 100% genuine leather Banyan case

Compatible with iPad Mini/iPad Mini with Retina Display

Product Features

  • Super- Thin Luxury Case
  • Hand-Crafted Premium quality 100% Genuine leather case/Sleeve
  • Custom initial tight fit molds to your device ensuring it doesn’t fall out and get damaged
  • Made with quality materials and superior craftmanship
  • All Ledo Case products come with stylish packaging that makes them ideal as presents.

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  1. VERY NICE! I am pleased with the quality of this item.As it states, it is a slim fit. This means it is for the iPad only without any cover. This is exactly what I was looking for since I prefer to pull the iPad out and use it without any type of cover, but want to keep in safely covered in my purse when I am not using it. The ultra slim fit means that it takes up as little space in my purse as possible.In fact it is so slim that you need to hold onto the case to pull it out. There are no…