LapWorks Soft Grip Hand Strap with Pop Out Stand for iPad Air 2 with an adjustable neoprene handle and 360 degree swiveling motion


Some iPad grips can fatigue your hand because they are too rigid or rough in texture. The soft and comforting feeling of the iPad Air’s Soft Grip neoprene handle conforms to your hand with a gentle caress that doesn’t fatigue your hand and allows you to work longer than other rigid style iPad hand holders. The Soft Grip iPad Air Handle Stand fits the iPad Air 2 only and does NOT fit any other iPad model.

The amazing new development with this handle stand is that the handle pops out to become a support arm that swivels 360 degrees. Note that this makes a nice viewing angle, but for touch typing, please consider our other stands.

Although similar in appearance to other iPad handle products, the Soft Grip iPad Handle Stand has three big advantages over those others: (1) the super soft and extra wide neoprene handle; (2) the fact that the handle pops out to become a stand in landscape or portrait and (3) the handle is completely detachable for your travel. Other rigid or ballistic Nylon iPad handles fatigue your hand after a short time but the Soft Grip’s Neoprene handle is so gentle you hardly notice it’s on your hand.

It’s completely adjustable and fits the largest of hands, left or right handed. Another holding option is to grip the handle with a fist so you can adjust your hand position for a variety of holding options.

The Soft Grip also has a low profile 360 degrees swiveling mechanism that is no thicker than the case that surrounds your iPad. And the handle stand case has a built-in channel along one side that accommodates the Smart Cover (not included).

The high impact ABS plastic case has a rubberized finish on both sides that are soft to the touch and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and a little TLC. The case snaps on easily and once attached it holds with a vengeance. But can also be easily removed as needed. Start by snapping-off one corner at a time.

Product Features

  • Designed exclusively for the iPad Air 2 with Smart Cover channel along one side to capture the Smart Cover’s magnetic rod and hold it in place.
  • Extra wide Soft Grip handle is ergonomic design that eliminates hand and finger strain, numbness and fatigue.
  • Soft Grip Handle pops out to become a stand in portrait or landscape and can be completely removed for traveling or packing convenience.
  • Neoprene is durable and long lasting and will not harden, crack or discolor.
  • 360 degrees Swiveling mechanism for maximum convenience and flexibility.

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  1. This is an odd product but just what I was looking for. Even the iPad air can cause your hand to hurt after a while gipping the thing. I often rest it on something. Second the surface is slippery. If you have a protective cover then your grip is probably better. However this well made product allows you to securely hold your pad without getting your hands all tense. I imagined someone had made such a product and went looking for it. There it was! It spins to manage different screen…