KSU student launches business to accompany Apple Watch


KENT, OH (WOIO) – Apple launches its iWatch next month and one enterprising Kent State University student is ready to capitalize and help users accessorize with style.

Like most seniors, Kent State student Spencer Nicol has started job hunting, but in the meantime, he’s working on his own business. 

“I like the idea of working for myself,” said Nicol. 

Nicol is the entrepreneurial mind behind Watch Smith, a business that specializes in making bands for the Apple Watch to be released in April. He thought of the idea when Apple unveiled the product earlier in March. 

“It was a no-brainer for me because I love the product. When the watch came out, I did some 3D printing before, and I thought, ‘There’s definitely going to be a market for consumer products.'”

Nicol capitalized on his resources as a student. He created a design for a band to fit the Apple Watch, and he made it using one of the university’s 3D printers. 

“You basically send it to a printer the way a normal piece of paper would go,” explained Nicol. 

It takes one hour for the printer to mold the plastic into the shape of the band. 

“We’ve gotten good feedback on it. It seems like it will be taking off, but it’s tough to tell since the product hasn’t come out yet,” said Nicol. 

Apple will release its watch on April 24. Watch Smith is taking preorders at the cost of around $40 per band. 

“Filling orders as we go up to that release date and from there shipping out the products.”

Business seems promising, but Nicol is still keeping an eye out for that day job. 

“I’m actively looking for jobs and doing this in my spare time, so if things go well, maybe I’ll switch those two around. Hopefully it will work out,” said Nicol.

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