Kruuse Buster Pet Pill/Tablet Syringe with Soft Tip


The BUSTER Tablet Introducer with a soft rubber tip, makes it easier to administer the pill without causing damage to the mouth. Now with added finger bars, transparent barrel of the right length, reinforced tablet holder and piston with rubber plunger. It’s a fast and easy way to administer tablets to cats and dogs.

Product Features

  • For cats and dogs
  • Has finger rings for easy control
  • Soft rubber tip for comfort and less risk of injury
  • Features a transparent barrel
  • Water can also be drawn to aid in swallowing

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  1. With a little ingenuity, best pill solution I’ve found for my cat Problem: Cut a tiny white pill into exact halves. One half of pill crumbles to dust. Force other half down throat of Bengal with dagger claws. Repeat twice a day.Result: Massive blood loss from lacerations on arms and face from aforementioned Bengal.Solution: Order this pet piller. Order empty #4 gelatin capsules. Place pill half (or pill dust if the pill falls apart) in gel capsule. Pull back plunger. Place capsule completely inside rubber tip (again, after the plunger…

  2. Fantastic! What a relief! The pet piller has just solved all my problems. I could never use the long handled one, which always seemed like it might be better for large dogs than cats. And I have tried every trick in the book, including compounded chewies and pill pockets, which my three cats thought at first were great treats, and then got wise and refused them. I have cut, mashed and chopped their thyroid meds, tried my fingers, and still found pills on the floor hours later. I read every review I…

  3. Seriously amazing!!! I have to give my 18-year-old cat a tiny half-pill every single day for his kidney disease.This usually means about 15 minutes of me prying his mouth open, putting the pill in and then trying to use a dropper to put water in behind it. Usually he spits the pill out before I can get the water in his mouth. Each time I have to try again, the pill disintegrates a little. Not to mention I have to make sure my other cats don’t eat the pill off the floor in the process.I used those…