King iPhone iPad Stylus Pen with Replacement Tip World’s Most Precise Stylus Pens for Touch Screens Fine Point Stylus for iPad Pro Surface Pro iPad Air iPhone 6 Plus S6 Note 4 5 Huawei Mate Etc


Compatible with all capacitance touch screen devices. If your touch screen is covered with glass protector the sensitivity may affected if the thickness more than 2.5mm.

Product Features

  • Precision: The clear disc gives you the accurate point, each pen come with a extra replacement point tip.
  • Extremely finest tips: Super fine tip with smallest visual point, (Two point tips included)
  • Free angle: The flexible tip gives you the free writing angle
  • Super sensitive: Conductive disc provides the super sensitivity without limitation.
  • Cap design: Cap as part of pen body so you won’t lose it

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  1. Excellent & Unique! Not just a stylus but a really nice ink pen as well. The King Precision Stylus is compatible with all of my touch screen devices.The stylus arrives in a very nice matte black box so it’s perfect as a stocking stuffer for the office professional this Christmas!The stylus itself is a beautiful matte black with a large rubberized grip on the barrel for comfort writing! Writing is a breeze with this pen. No skips or jumps as you write. A nice fluid fine point. This pen is really a joy…

  2. Easy to use! Caps on both ends make carrying it with you a breeze! Great stylus! This is a fantastic product! It has both an ink pen and a fine tip stylus with a small round clear disk on the end of it that glides easily across both my iPhone 6s Plus and iPad 2 screens. It works great for animation apps as well as for writing – best of all the writing is readable and not all jumbled together. The way this stylus is made I believe it will last for some time to come since there is not rubber tip that can just fall off.The ink…