Kindle Voyage Screen Protector, NuPro, 3-Pack, Screen Protector, Screen Guard, Kindle Voyage, 2014


Product Features

  • Designed to perfectly fit your Kindle Voyage
  • Provides protection from scratches, smudges and dirt while minimizing glare
  • Easy bubble-resistant installation
  • Includes three screen protectors, cleaning cloth, and applicator card

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  1. Do NOT purchase I am extremely happy with my Kindle Voyage. I can’t say the same for this screen protector. It is described as anti glare and simple to install without bubbles developing. Neither is true. I can live with the glare, but getting rid of the bubbles was tedious, to say the least. I had to resort to the credit card trick to try to squeeze out the bubbles; in the process, however, I may have damaged the screen of the Voyage because of all the pressure I had to apply to get rid of them. There…

  2. Worst instructions ever and impossible to apply without bubbling First, I want to give an award to NuPro for the most enigmatic and useless product instructions. These consist of three tiny, almost indecipherable drawings on the tabs attached to the film. Second, like many of the older generation of film protectors, I found this impossible to apply without getting a bunch of air bubbles. When I purchased my latest iPhone and iPad, I didn’t have this problem because the protectors were a bit thicker and must of also used a different type of adhesive surface…