Kebelo Mcd2 Universal Magnetic Cd Slot Car Mount Holder for Ipad , Smartphone and Gps . Strongest Magnet , Made of 4pcs of N4 Magnet , Will Hold Your Tablet or Phone Securely . This Car Mount Is Made of High Quality Pc Material Which Insure a Safe and Long Term Use . Get Your New Powerful Car Mount Holder . Lifetime Guarantee .


Specially designed for iPad and iphone 6 – 6 plus, the kebelo magnetic car mount holder combine power , security and quality . The magnetic pad combines 4 pieces of NS magnets , to ensure strong grip of your device. It’s easy to install and use . In fact , all you have to do is inserting the car mount directly into your cd loading port (You can still play cd while the mount is in it) . Unlike suction cups based car mount , this cd slot car mount holder will prevent your iPad from flipping around . The kebelo MCD2 is the only car mount that combines power , security and quality . Also it is user friendly . Upgrade to the new kebelo car mount holder for iPad and start driving the safe way .

Does it hold Ipad with case ?

Yes you can either place the adhesive metal plate inside , outside the case or directly on your tablet , Iphone 6 plus or your new samsung note 4 .

Where do I install the car mount in my car ?

The car mount should be inserted inside your cd loading port .

Can I still play music with my cd player with the holder in it?

Yes the MCD2 holder doesn’t interfer with the cd player fonctionalities .

What about viewing angle ?

You have a 360° rotation with the magnetic pad . Also depending on the vehicle and DIN size, the holder could be mounted two ways : (screw up and screw down).

Do I have a warranty?

With the kebelo MCD2 you’re backed up with a full 60 days warranty .

What’s next ?

Click the big orange “ADD TO CARD” button on the right of your screen to buy your MCD2 Now!

Product Features

  • Powerful cd slot universal magnetic cradle less car mount holder . Designed to hold securely tablets , Ipad , iphone 6 plus , samsung ,gps and all devices
  • No suction cup but , cd blade will prevent your device from flipping around . Just insert the blade into your cd loading port
  • Hands free , easy to use . This is the smartest car mount design you’ve ever seen .
  • Powerful magnetic plate will hold your device securely . Never worry about those bumps in the road again .
  • Rotation . The 360 ° rotation ability of this car mount will give you a confortable and easy access to you device .Enjoy the flexibility by using your phone , gps , ipad ,tablet , mobile , on one unique new generation car mount holder .

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  1. Works with a Samsung Tab 3 10.1 I tested the review sample that I received with an iPad 2 and it worked as I expected. It also works perfectly with my Samsung Tab 3 10.1 tablet, so this is not just for an iPad.The magnet is super strong and is integrated into the circular ‘holder’ that attaches to the CD slot mechanism. That, in turn, has a thumbscrew that slightly raises the parts that slide into the slot to firmly hold the tablet in place without damaging your CD player.This ships with a two metal…