Jensen JiPS-250i Docking Station for iPad, iPod, and iPhone (Black)


High Quality Tablet Accessory – Durable IPAD/IPHONE DOCK – Sleek Design

Product Features

  • High Quality
  • Energy Star Certified
  • Sleek Design

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  1. The Know-It-Alls guide to the Jensen Rocker…. I have owned this dock since October 2010 and use it every night as a loud alarm clock and to watch Netflix before I go to sleep. If mine broke, I would buy it again, but I’ve had almost a year to learn the quirks of this unit.I do not normally write long reviews, but after reading some of the reviews here, I felt compelled to piece together all the tid bits of info and correct some of the misconceptions provided by other reviewers, some of whom it is painfully obvious never…

  2. Great value, other reviews contain mistakes Overall, I feel this unit is an great value for the money! When I originally read the Amazon reviews, I decided not to buy even though it looked great. Two days later, I coincidentally saw the same item at Target, so I decided “why not”.The GOOD NEWS: (1) stand works great – rotates and tilts, (2) charger is excellent — charges faster than Apple charger and comparable to Griffin PowerBlock, (3) sound quality for type of unit is very good, and (4) you can use with your iphone and…

  3. Almost They almost got it right. Once docked it will start playing your music immediately, whether you’ll like it doing so is up to you. Sounded pretty good, much better than the built in iPad sound for sure.It holds the iPad in portrait or landscape mode with an almost endless variety of viewing angles which I really liked, some docks seem to be only able to do portrait mode.The bad, once docked if I tried to play any video it would say that is was connected to a TV when it wasn’t, no…