iPort Launch Port AM.2 Sleeve iPad mini, White (70305)


Revolutionary way to mount and charge your iPad anywhere. The system consists of a Station and a Sleeve. Any Sleeve works with any Stantion. The Sleeve is a form-fitting case that wraps around your iPad and keeps it safe. On the back, the circle aligns your iPad-in-Sleeve to either a WallStation or BaseStation. The magnets inside the Sleeve create just the right holding force: Strong and sturdy on the wall or easy to grab and go on the table. Launch Port uses the magic of magnets an induction charging (charging through the air) it’s like magic.

Product Features

  • White Sleeve for iPad mini with Retina Display
  • Effortlessly mount and charge your iPad on a wall using a WallStation, or on a tabletop with the BaseStation
  • Use your iPad in more places, keep it fully charged and create a home for your iPad
  • |Built in wave-guide redirects iPad speaker audio back at you
  • Ergonomically designed