iPhone 6 Waterproof Case , AOBILE(TM) Case [SubProof Series] iPhone 6 Case (4.7′) – Protective Slim iPhone Cases Rugged Waterproof Case – Compatible Apple iPhone 6 4.7 inches – Ultra Slimmest Profile with Capability of WaterProof, ShockProof, SandProof, SnowProof (Pink)


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One Case Four Proofs

– Fully Submersible to 6 meters.

– Totally sealed from dirt + dust.

– Completely closed to snow + ice.

– Suvives drops frome up to 6.6 feet.


* After finish using the waterproof case, take out the mobile phone. Clean the waterproof case with tap water specially when after using it in seawater. When storing, loosens the lock of the waterproof case. Place it in a clean and dry place.

* Compress tightly in four sides, to reach waterproof effection.

* Do not disassemble or modify the waterproof case. This may cause leaks.

* The waterproof case is made of polycarbonate material and transparent silicon; do not contact it with any corrosive chemical.

Package includes:

Waterproof Case * 1

Neck Lanyard * 1

Product Features

  • 100% Aobile Brand New and High Quality Waterproof iPhone 6 case
  • Protection from the Elements- The Aobile Submerge Case is made to go just about anywhere; with the ability to protect your iPhone from water, dirt, sand and snow.
  • Secure your iPhone – With an ultra-snug frame and added corner protection, the Aobile Submerge iPhone 6 Waterproof Case does more to keep your device plenty safe while still keeping a minimal form factor. The Submerge Case is only 1.2 cm thick.
  • Interaction Approved – Our specialized ultra-clear screen protector provides the maximum display resolution with no interference to touchscreen responsiveness. It also protects your touchscreen from scratches, marks, and scrapes.
  • Easy Access – This Waterproof Case is fully compatible with the speaker, headphone jack, buttons, sensors and cameras. (Note: While completely installed the case may slightly reduce talk volume during calls, to avoid this, while away from water, open the bottom flap to maximize telecommunication.)

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  1. I have ordered waterproof cases before for my iphone 4 and 5 and they came with screwable headphone pieces, and accesble charging while in the case. This case isnt even secure, it has no parts that will snap the 2 halfs of the case together, instead its just to pieces (one rubber and one plastic, that have to be sealed together (in the form of sealing a plastic bag almost) except a plastic bag is more secure then this case. I dropped the case with my phone in it and the minute it hit the ground…