iPhone 6 Plus HD Clear Ballistic Glass Screen Protector, Flexion™ [Guardian Series] **NEW** Ultra Clear World’s Thinnest HD Premium Ballistic 99.9% Touch Accurate Perfect Fit Screen Protectors Maximum Screen Protection for iPhone 6 Plus (5.5) ATT Verizon T-Mobile [Lifetime Warranty]


Product Features

  • Enjoy unmatched protection for thickness with our tempered Guardian Series Glass Screen Protector for the iPhone 6 Plus
  • Our screen protector is made from the best glass on the market with 9H+ hardness and shock-dampening layering
  • Everything-proof: our anti-shatter film finishing makes the screen protector oleophobic (anti-fingerprint), scratch resistant, and shatterproof
  • Seamless phone integration: our ultra clear glass has 99.9% touchscreen sensitivity, rounded edges, and bubble-free installation
  • Package contents: screen protector, squeegee, microfiber cloth, dust removal stickers. NOTE: The iPhone 6 was designed with rounded edges. Per this, this screen protector does not protect the full screen, but only the flat part of the glass.

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  1. Quick installation and great protection After cracking several devices, trying many different cases and screen protectors, I have decided to go with a glass screen protector.This has been a great decision so farFor one thing, my precious iPhone 6 fell out of my hands, and slid maybe 10 feet across the hard wood floor. There isn’t even a scratch on it. I also noticed that any scratches that were on my devices screen beforehand are no longer visible with the screen protector on.Contents• Micro…

  2. Good Product, Great Customer Service! I ordered this screen protector for my work phone, and decided to experiment w/ glass rather than the usual plastic protector. Showed up on time, no issues. It is my first glass screen protector, and I do prefer the screen feel of it over previous plastic screen covers. Better overall touch feel, seemingly less image distortion, and easier to clean than plastic. Due to the curved glass edges on the iPhone, it does not cover all exposed glass, only the flat surface. I was slightly concerned…

  3. It’s easy to put on, and it’s strong all the way! I love how easy it is to put the protection glass screen over my phone, it basically just slips onto the phone. I’ve already dropped my phone, and it hasn’t shattered so I Would say the glass is exactly what it says, super impressed! It has lasted longer than any glass protection I have bought since along time, my phone reacts with my finger with the glass on which is a super plus, previous models didn’t, I would have to take the glass screen off, and put it right back on. This one is the best…