iPhone 6 Plus case, Nupro Lightweight Projective Bumper Case Cover for Apple iPhone Plus (5.5″ screen) – Clear/Blue


Hybrid Bumper Case by NuPro

Secure, slim and lightweight, the hybrid bumper case helps protect your iPhone 6 Plus from scuffs and scratches. Featuring a textured clear polycarbonate back panel which resists scratches while the flexible bumper allows easy installation.

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Product Features

  • Secure, slim and lightweight case protects your iPhone 6 Plus from scuffs and scratches
  • Clear polycarbonate back panel with flexible bumpers
  • Textured backing resists scratches

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  1. Gambled and came up huge!!! this case came very fast via prom I first received my case and got a good feel for itit was a gift from somebody and I took a chance because there were no reviews the case it was solid, thin an low-profile..there is literally zero bulk..The case in hand feels as if you’re holding the phone with no case on it..the only other case I think that this campares to is the ringke slim cases.. but this may be alittle thiner.. if ur looking for scuff and surface protection and dont care about much drop…