Ipad Tips Tricks Apps and Hacks Volume 7


Covering all the best tips and tricks for iOS 7 and third-party apps, you’ll find tutorials showing you how to customise your notification centre, share locations, edit pictures and video, learn an instrument, publish your own stories and much more. There’s also an in-depth guide to whether jailbreaking is really worth it and the best apps available in Cydia and the App Store.

– Discover everything you can do with the apps built in to iOS 7.
– Use third-party apps to do some amazing things on your iPad.
– Jailbreak your tablet for more functionality
– Customisation
– Messaging
– Email
- Browsing
- Productivity
– Navigation

– Accessibility
– Security
– Monitor the weather
– Create your own blog
– Catch up on TV and radio
– Make movies using your iPad
– Streamline your workflow
– Use your iPad for business
– Sell and buy things
– Use your iPad hands-free
– Track your exercise routine
– Follow your favourite sports
– Learn to play an instrument
– Create your own music
– Write your own book
– Your travel kit
– Tour many different worlds
– Keep your information secure
– Use a PS3 controller on your iPad
– Download apps for your iPad using Cydia
– Get predictive text with Octopus keyboard
– Type and edit faster with Swipe Selection
– Tidy up your iPad messages with Merge
– Multi-task on your iPad with Auxo
– Use Activator to create actions and launch apps
– Resize and fit more icons with Springtomize 2
– Play Space Invaders with your home screen icons
– Use Dashboard X to add live widgets to your iPad
– Adjust your iPad’s colour with f.lux
– Protect your folders with Folder Passcode
– Use Booksstand to create a single folder
– Use Newsstand as an individual app folder
– Disable your passcode selectively with ClevenPin
– Use Bridge to import music without iTunes
– Access inaccessible iPad files with iFile
– Make iPhone apps run full screen with FullForce
– Use retina mode on your iPad with RetinaPad
– Access your settings quickly with SBSettings

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