Ipad Pro Release Date In September? Apple's Super-Sized Tablet Rumored To Have Force Touch …


Consumers might see the iPad Pro in September according to rumors. Rumors also point to a USB-C port, Bluetooth stylus, Force Touch and an upgraded processor.

The Apple logo as seen in front of an Apple store in NYC in 2013

(Photo : Spencer Platt | Getty Images News) The Apple logo as seen in front of an Apple store in NYC in 2013

Yet another round of rumors have come up about Apple’s yet-to-be-confirmed iPad Pro. This time, it’s the device’s release date and possible specs.

The iPad Pro’s release date remains a mystery but that hasn’t stopped some from trying to guess when the device will come out. An earlier Bloomberg report from last year suggested a Q1 2015 launch but that has proven false given that we’re already in Q2.

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“There’s a good chance that there was some confusion created by the new 12-inch MacBook, which was launched in March,” Expert Reviews say. The website reports that Reuters says the iPad Pro “will come out in September” due to component shortages. “Once again, we have to point out that we’ve never seen a true report about Apple products being delayed due to shortages,” the website says.

As for iPad Pro specs, rumors suggest the device will have a number of changes. Citing “a person familiar with Apple’s future product plans,” Apple Insider says the device will include NFC radio which would allow it “so serve as a payment receiving terminal for Apple Pay.” The source also revealed that the device will come with a larger 12.9-inch display.

“A larger iPad could also help Apple appeal to more business users, particularly given the company’s deal with IBM,” PC Magazine says.

Apple Insider’s source also mentioned that Cupertino’s rumored tablet will come with the tech firm’s own Bluetooth stylus. The accessory will reportedly “feature a pressure-sensitive input.” Apple is reportedly planning to bring Force Touch to the iPad Pro as well.

The device’s port selection is said to include USB-C input but it wasn’t indicated whether it would replace the Lightning port found on other Apple devices. Leaked images suggested that the iPad Pro could come with two USB-C ports, two Lightning ports or a combination of the two as reported here.

The source also says that the iPad Pro “will unsurprisingly feature a new-generation A-series processor.” The latest iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are powered by an A8 chip while the iPad Air 2 has an A8X processor under the hood.

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