iPad Pro Faces Gloomy Future as Tablet Sales Projections Plummet


There’s been much talk over recent weeks as to the fate of the tablet PC market as a whole going forward, with slipping sales having painted a rather gloomy picture. That being said, with all-new devices on the horizon like Apple’s iPad Pro and Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4, there’s reason to believe things aren’t quite headed for the depths of the abyss quite yet.

That is of course, unless you read the latest analyst projections for the former of the two at least.

For most, the idea of a 12.9-inch iPad with more power than God and a hybrid operating system sounds too good to be true…at least in theory. However, in terms of how many of us are actually planning on going out any spending the estimated $1,000+ on one of the things, all signs point to less spectacular tidings entirely.

iPad Pro Faces Gloomy Future as Tablet Sales Projections Plummet

According to KGI’s take on the subject, the iPad pro “contribute meaningfully to shipments momentum anytime soon” regardless of the fact that it will indeed bring something wholly new to the game. The reason of course being that ‘new’ doesn’t always translate to millions of sales – especially when said new gadget has a much more refined and specific target audience than any of its predecessors.

On the whole, KG Securities see sales of iPads on the whole plummeting even more dramatically this year – a full 30% or even 40% being shaved off last year’s tally.

“We forecast iPad shipments will decline 52.7% QoQ in 1Q15 to 10.1mn units, and continue to lose momentum in 2Q15F, dropping another 30-40% QoQ to 7-8mn units,” the report warns.

What’s also expected to have something of a double-edge-sword effect on iPad sales for the year is the expectation biblical Apple Watch sales come April, not to mention vast volumes of Retina MacBook Air units flying off the shelves when and where it finally lands. With these scooping up much of the interest directed Apple’s way, it could prove to be as simple as there being really no room left at the inn for the iPad Pro.

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