iPad Mini Case for Kids : Stalion® Safe Shockproof Protection for iPad Mini (1st, 2nd, & 3rd Generation)[Lifetime Warranty](Banana Yellow) Kid Proof + Ultra Lightweight + Comfort Grip Carrying Handle + Folding Stand


Stalion Safe Kids Case

Introducing our Safe Shockproof series carrying cases for your iPad. Feel free to safely use your iPad while watching media or traveling. Great for car rides, school, or around the house. Designed for convenient and safe use. Use for children of all ages. The perfect comfortable fit for your iPad tablet! Made of light weight high quality EVA silicone providing ultimate protection and versatility.

Product Features

– The flexible kids case constructed to be impact resistant. EVA foam is UV resistant, long lasting, and stress-crack resistant. Soft foam is kid friendly and mother approved.

– Securely holds iPad in place, maintaining access to volume, power, and home button keys.

– Equipped with a 90 degree folding handle which can also be used as a stand! Enjoy your media while holding or hands free!

– Comes with slot for earphone jack and slot for the USB sync cable to charge your device.


– Fits all versions of iPad Mini (1st, 2nd and 3rd Generations).
– Models: A1455, A1454, A1432, A1491, A1490, A1489.


– Easily slip the iPad in and out of the rear of the foam case with the device facing frontwards.


– Shockproof case does not come with screen guard. Will not protect glass screen from any moisture or dirt.


Stalion Products offers a LIFETIME Warranty with this item.


Call or Email Stalion Support; hours Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM Eastern Standard Time.

Product Features

  • Stalion Safe Kids Shockproof Case is light weight and provides superior protection. Equipped with comfort grip and folding stand. Kid friendly case that fits all versions of iPad Mini, iPad Mini 2 (with Retina Display), and iPad Mini 3 (with Touch ID).
  • Worried about protecting your iPad for your children? Need a way to prevent accidents? Need full iPad functionality for your kids while your busy? Seek no further!
  • Ultra light weight and durable. A safe kids case perfect for handling and carrying around at school or home. Use the folding stand to watch media.
  • Specifically designed with cut outs and openings for button controls. Comes with camera and charger openings.
  • The shockproof double thick silicone corners feature an extraordinary protection against impacts. Manufactured from non-toxic EVA foam material and impact resistant polycarbonate; double enforced with absorbing silicone inner-sleeve. Ultra light weight and durable hazard free safe material perfect for kids.

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  1. Lightweight, cushiony, 15-month-old can handle/operate easily, stays propped up, fits iPad 4, has all port openings! I purchased this for my iPad 4 that my 15 month old uses daily. I originally had it in a plastic hard case (when I used to use it for myself) but every time he dropped it, a little bit more of the plastic would chip off and thankfully the iPad didn’t crack or dent. But I didn’t want to take chances so I looked for something lightweight so he could carry but thick/cushiony to protect the iPad when he dropped it.I received this on the date promised. It did not come with directions but it…

  2. Finally a Toddler proof case that works for me! This iPad case is GREAT! I have bought many different cases to try and Baby/ Toddler proof my iPads and nothing worked anywhere near as good as this one! My son can drop it off the table and I don’t even cringe. I know it’s going to be safe. I had a blue one for my older iPad and bought a black one for my new upgrade!The handle is great for small hands and big alike. The handle also bends so you can use it to prop up the iPad.My teething 11 month old likes to chew on the…

  3. Stalion Has Unique Style Of all of the mini-iPad case I have for my kids Stalion Safe Shockproof Case has unique style. As case for mini-iPad Stalion serves dual purposes as cover and protection that makes your mini-iPad secure from any breakage. One of the good things about Stalion is that it’s made from non-toxic EVA foam material which is conducive to user’s health.Its ultra-light weight is ideal for kids since a mini-iPad for that matter must always be portable in school and at home. And…