iPad Mini 3 Case, Spigen® [AIR CUSHION] iPad Mini 3 Case [Tough Armor] [Satin Silver] Air Cushioned Protective Case with Dual Layer for iPad Mini 3 / iPad Mini 2 – Satin Silver (SGP10625)


The new Spigen iPad mini Retina case has arrived. The Tough Armor is the new leader in protective cases providing better impact absorption than other bulky cases in the market. The new Air Cushion Technology corners reduce the thickness of the case while providing optimal protection for your iPad mini Retina.

Product Features

  • Extreme Protection from drops and scratches
  • Air Cushioned & Web Patteren TPU case
  • 1.7mm lip to protect the screen even with Tempered Glass screen protector
  • Slimmer but more protective than other protective cases on the market
  • Compatible with Apple iPad Mini 3 (2014) / iPad Mini 2 (2013)

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  1. A very pleasant surprise! I purchased the champagne color and put in on my iPad mini today. First off you should know that the gold color looks almost EXACTLY like my gold iPhone 5s. It’s not gaudy looking and it contrasts really nicely with the white faceplate on my iPad mini. Second, the case feels really solid and the back feels slightly cool to the touch (not like metal but not like plastic either). The gold color also doesn’t show so many fingerprints. Some people say that the screen protector on their iPad mini…

  2. Excellent drop protection I’ve dropped my IPad mini retina dozens of times on hard tile floor, concrete, down flight of stairs and landing on tile floor a couple of times and vibrated off a shelf 7 feet off the hard tile floor and hit the tile ground. All of these events occurred while the iPad was in this case and there was ZERO damage to the iPad or case following these incidents. I’ve never had such a robust thin case on any device before. I don’t usually write reviews for anything I buy but just wanted to help…