iPad for Artists: How to Make Great Art with Your Tablet


The iPad has changed the platform and scope of digital art worldwide. With this versatile tablet, anyone can create fine art or enhance their photos in the field. And now this indispensable book, die-cut to resemble an iPad, teaches you how. Through practical illustrated tutorials, artist Dani Jones guides users of all levels through the leading art apps, giving you everything you need to make the most of the iPad to develop your unique artistic vision, creativity, and style.

Product Features

  • Sterling Publishing-iPad For Artists

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  1. Well written and illustrated.. BUT it’s really just a BEGINNER book. For a beginner this is a great book, and the “negatives” are more against the publisher, as the author did a great job for the beginner audience…The book goes over several Apps, including pros, cons and even some step by step “instructions”… It needs more detail on using the programs for more advanced “iPad Artists”, because of this lacking I think it’s more a beginner book that helps decide on what Apps to use and do some basic art techniques on them…

  2. Full of information for the would-be digital artist First, I am *not* an artist by any means. And I only have one app, Sketchbook Pro, for my iPad. But I bought this hoping to improve.The book is so much more than I’d hoped. The author is meticulous in reviewing gadgets like paintbrushes and styluses to use for e-art. She also goes over the different apps and what their best use is: one for sketching, one for “watercolor” and so on. The book stresses that if you want the whole enchilada, you need to work on a computer rather than a…