iPad and iPhone Digital Photography Tips and Tricks


iPad and iPhone Digital Photography Tips and Tricks

Easily Unlock the Power of Digital Photography on Your iPad or iPhone


Discover hundreds of tips and tricks you can use right away to capture, edit, and share amazing
photos with your iPad or iPhone!


This easy-to-understand guide teaches you all the iOS skills and photographic techniques you need to go far beyond snapshots. Whatever you’re shooting–portraits, candids, babies, sports, pets, landscapes, vacations, nature, anything–it will help you get incredible results. Then, you’ll master more ways to share your images than ever before: at home, in print, online, in the cloud, everywhere.


You’ll learn how to squeeze maximum performance out of your iPhone or iPad’s built-in cameras and photo apps, and discover low-cost apps and tools for doing even more. Whether you’ve been taking iPhone/iPad photos for years or you’re just starting out, you’ll have way more fun and get way better results!


Here are just some of what this book’s tips, tricks, and strategies will help you do:


  •    Get awesome results with the built-in Camera and Photo apps

  •    Master 10 easy strategies for taking better iPhone/iPad photos

  •    Use the Grid and Rule of Thirds to professionally compose and frame your shots

  •    Choose the best shooting angle and perspective for every image

  •    Capture great photos in low light

  •    Make the most of built-in flash or HDR mode

  •    Take great group shots and baby pictures

  •    Shoot sporting events without blurring

  •    Efficiently view, organize, edit, and share pictures with the Photo app

  •    Transform “just OK” images into great photos with the optional iPhoto app

  •    Discover great low-cost tools, from image editors to lights, lenses, and tripods

  •    Showcase photos on your high-def television

  •    Easily create online galleries and animated digital slideshows

  •    Back up your latest images, and share them with all your Apple devices

  •    Share online iCloud-based Photo Streams with friends, family, and nobody else


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  1. Great book Having been a professional photographer but retired now, I have always been hesitant to use a camera phone. I have an iPhone 5s and knew the camera could do more than I know. This book amazed me by not only showing the functionality of my camera phone, but also showing me apps that I can use and composition tips specific to a camera phone. Wonderful book, well written, easy to understand, and it has opened up a whole new world to me of photography with my iPhone. Might seem pricy at first…

  2. IDEAL GUIDE FOR USING iPHONE AND iPAD CAMERAS I shoot photos for pleasure, have a good eye and wish to improve my skills with the iPhone 5 camera in order to take full advantage of it as it is my go-to camera. I chose the book version rather than the download as I can experiment with my devices while reading it and there is plenty of white space for writing notes. The book is a bit large and heavy and cannot be stuffed into your back pocket.This guide is incredibly comprehensive and well developed with many cross-references…

  3. Excellent User Guide for Beginners and Intermediates As a previous owner of the excellent Que book “My iPad” (5th edition), I looked forward to reading “iPad and iPhone Digital Photography Tips and Tricks” also published by Que. I found this book to be very informative, detailed and clear in presenting instruction on literally ALL aspects of digital photography dealing with the iPad, iPhone and connecting devices (except taking video clips).CONTENT: This 354 page book has 14 chapters, each with a different…